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Emma passes due to aggressive cancer, yet awakens in a strange place. Her life will be forever changed, and her future uncertain.

Scifi / Adventure
Mike CM
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Authors note: Please note that this is currently a rough draft. There may be some punctuation and spelling errors here and there. But please enjoy the story as it progresses and leave comments :)

I was 17 when it happened, when i finally succumbed to the cancer that was eating away at my brain. I had been fighting it for a couple of years but unfortunately it was very aggressive and i was not. In a sick way i was pleased when the doctor informed me of my impending death. I would finally be free.

You could have described me as the stereotypical rocker, metal head. I had the piercings, dyed hair, smoked weed, and had a couple tattoos my mom didn’t know about. Not that she would give a fuck anyway. My dad was never around, and my mom was too self absorbed to ever give a fuck about me. She loved her social gatherings and maintaining an image of popularity and social status that couple only be achieved by constantly having her lips plumped and increasing the size of her tits every few years.

To put it simply, i was an embarrassment to her with my black hair, A-cup tits and lack of “womanly” curves. But that didn’t stop her from using my illness to her benefit, she put on a show and posted on social media for the attention.

Like i said my father wasn’t around, he was the founder of some big genetics company and spent most of his time out of town. I would see him on holidays and speak with him on the phone whenever i needed something and that was about it. Neither of them was there when i died, i passed on alone, and that’s when i life changed forever.

My name is Emma Black, and this is my story.

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