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Innocent Heart Book Two: A New Journey

By Ben Douglas All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


022459.269 TA – Two years and six months ago

Sanità stared back at her enemy. She was on the sidelines in the ‘Pit of Hell’ watching her man, San Marcos, fighting her mortal enemy, ‘La Bestia’. The moment she saw him on the ground and the beast atop him, her heart jumped into her throat. It was throbbing and beating its way out. Cupping her hands, she screamed in her Spanish, “¡Suelte ahora!”

With fearful wide eyes, she watched as ‘La Bestia’ pulled free with her powerful jaws. Her fangs ripped into Marc’s throat shredding his jugular vein as she moved her head back. Dampened curled dark hair flew across the air as it flipped around her head before it lay to rest on the nape of her neck. Blood spurted across the mat and onto the cage. The beast snarled as she opened her fangs and licked the blood from her sharp canines. Her natural dark eyes shimmered red fiercely.

Sanità covered her mouth with a shocked gasp. She watched as San Marcos uttered his last gasp on his back with his own shocked expression. His chest rose against the beast’s grasped hand as he inhaled once before exhaling his final breath. He coughed blood and lay prone in the mat with a final groan. Saint Marc de Ryac de la Cruz was dead as his neck wound continued to bleed. As ‘La Bestia’ turned her head toward her former leader with a snarl licking her fangs, a smirk crossed her features.

Sanità released a gasp as she finally exhaled placing her hands on her sides. Her expression changed into anger as something inside of her snapped. With newborn hatred and wrath for ‘La Bestia’, the stocky build fighter let out a howl of rage as she clenched her fists and flexed her rippled muscles. As ‘La Bestia’ rose to her feet with a taunting smirk at her, Sanità charged forward. Gripping the beast on her torso, she shoved her against the cage with a snarl and lifted with her upper body strength.

Letting loose a growl of rage, Sanità spat as she screamed in her heated Spanish words, “¡Le mató! ¡Le mataré! Se asesinar a te! ¡Pagará esto en la sangre! ¡Lo juro en mi vida!”

As ‘La Bestia’ gripped the wrists of her attacker, she smirked at her in a mocking way. Sanità ripped out another howl as she raised her fists with a clench. Before she could attack, her holo shimmered as she found herself in another place. ‘La Bestia’ was no longer in front of her. Even the cage and mat was replaced by a single, large square room with blank, concrete walls. Her cross fell loose as her holo returned to her body where it was located in the New Alcatraz prison.

Gasping and breathing with rage, she howled again as she sank to her knees. Her muscles bulged as she clenched her fists. Looking up, she saw several NA guards rush in. With anger, Sanità made a full bloodied run toward them. She wanted someone to pay for the death of her love. One of the guards raised his hand pressed the device. It delivered a painful shock as Sanità’s body recoiled. Her back arched in pain as she grabbed the nape of her neck and fell on the ground with her fist down.

She yelled in pain trying to get up. However, the three guards rushed toward with energy batons and started whipping her down. A baton hit her head while another bashed against her side. The woman continued screaming in pain as her body was being surged with electricity. Eventually she fell unconscious as the leading guard placed another device on her. She vanished from the room in a blinding light of the teleporter and reappeared in her own cell. She lay on the floor stunned.

A single man sat in the middle of the prison cell. On his hand was a tablet and he was accessing information on it. A table rested beside him. The cell was small, but it was big enough for both him and the prisoner in front of him. Sanità was on the bed unconscious. She continued to wear her orange prison uniform. Her wrists were bound in chains. Her head was bald with a single bar tattoo with the serial numbers on the side. The man waited patiently for her to wake. Eventually, the prisoner made a sound. She arose with a groan looking to her side.

Seeing the man watching her, Sanità’s features turned into a scowl as she uttered a snarl. Sitting up to her full stocky build size on her bed, her chains automatically locked in clicking noisily. Looking down, she noted that her hands were bound together and locked onto the floor. She tried pulling it up, but it kept her down. Looking back up, she opened her mouth with a snarl baring her teeth with anger.

The man simply cleared his throat and responded, “I am Drake Colton Tristan. I will be responsible for your rehabilitation and hopefully aide you to your quick recovery. A lot has happened to you for the past few months changed you. Hopefully, I will be assisting in helping you retain your status once again as a free woman outside of New Alcatraz.”

Sanità simply scowled at the man in silence. Her lips curled as she uttered a feral snarl. Drake let out a sigh and briefly scanned his tablet before speaking, “Let’s began then. First, I have a translator, so feel free to speak in your native tongue or whatever makes you comfortable. You are Sanità Ayuers and born in Culca, Bolivia, correct?”

The eighteen year old continued to scowl at him silence. She breathed heavily slowly with cold hatred. Drake continued, “It’s only to make sure that you are the correct person that I am talking to. Anyways, you have quite the history. A turbulent childhood you have apparently. Your father drank and got killed in a bar fight when you were three. Your mother tried taking care of you but she gave you up. So, you were taken up by a nearby orphanage by the age of four.”

Sanità continued with her intermittent angry growl and low snarl as she continued to scowl at the man with hatred. Drake continued, “The orphanage raised you till eventually someone adopted you and you moved to the states. You still retained your Spanish. However, you continued to have difficulty with your English language so you kept your Spanish handy and never continued with your English studies. You were raised and cared for by your English parents until-“

Drake looked down at his tablet and browsed it again. Clearing his throat, he found what he was looking for and responded, “When you turned eight, they vanished. They were simply gone, is that right? Their bodies were never found and no culprits were caught. It happens in the system. As good the Terrian Alliance was with their crime system, it does not mean we are crime free. They still happen. However, even at the young age of eight, you still were able to survive and find another family. Delgado de la Cruz happened to be in the area to take care of you. And the rest you know of.”

Sanità continued to scowl at him silently with hatred. Her heavy breathing continued as her growling remained at the same pitch. Drake finished as he cleared his throat, “Well this was simply an introductory session. Tomorrow, we will discuss your criminal charges and move on from there. Food will be sent along to your shortly as a guard will stop by. You need to eat something. See you then.”

Drake shimmered out as the holo ended. The door to her left side was unlocked. With a snarl, Sanità turned to her left as the guard entered with a tray. On it were two items. It was a bowl of soup and a box. Placing the tray down on the table, he turned toward Sanità withdrawing a key. Bending down, he unlocked the device holding her down. With a single twist, the metal lock clicked open. He removed the lock and returned to the table.

The eighteen year old stocky build prisoner watched as the guard pointed at the two items. He spoke, “Finish your soup to the last drop. Your meal is chicken vegetables in beef broth. Your mail came in. It already passed inspection. Whatever is inside you keep, but if you use it against another prisoner we will take it away from you. We are always watching, so behave.”

He turned away and left the cell locking the door behind him. Standing up, Sanità moved forward. The locking device continued clicking as she pulled her chains easily across. Taking the box, she carefully opened it. Inside was the cross that San Marcos gifted her. Taking the cross by the chain, she placed it around her neck. Putting the box aside, she took the bowl of chicken soup with both hands. Remembering his words about finishing it to the last drop, she lifted the bowl to her lips. She drank her warm chicken soup all at once as she gulped it down her throat. Some of the broth spilled out and trickled down her strong form.

With an exhale, Sanità licked the last drops of the soup from the bowl and licked her lips. Looking at the bottom of the bowl, she noted several words in Spanish along with an alien design below it. The design was alien to her but she recognized it as a sigil to something. Soon as the warmth of the bowl left, the words and the alien sigil vanished leaving behind an empty bowl. However, the Spanish was understood as she translated it in her mind,

No te olvides de tu obligaciones. Recordar tu entrenamiento.

Letting out an exhale, she snarled and put it down. With a nod, she understood the meaning to it. Do not forget your obligations. Remember your training. Recognizing it, the stocky build female placed the empty bowl and the box back onto the tray. Taking the tray, she moved it to the door and set it on the floor to the side. Touching her flailing cross, she tucked it inside her prison uniform and turned. Her bounded chains continued making metallic clicking sounds pulling the metal along into the floor as she returned to her bed. Sitting down, she lay resting on her side and rested as she closed her eyes.

29th, 072461.271 – Present time.

New Alcatraz was a mighty floating island fortress above the Sands. It was made of a rocky surface but kept its population inside a large barbed wire that surrounded the edges of the prison. It was to keep the prisoners and guards secured inside to prevent them from falling out. As it stated in historical records, it first came as an asteroid many years ago. At first, the people were terrified. Eventually as the giant rock slowed when it hit the atmosphere, it stopped spinning and split into two halves. Now nine miles long and nine miles deep, the two equal halves became the floating islands as they continued traveling across the globe hundreds of miles from the Sands. The people determined that it must have come from some kind of advanced race with this kind of technology, but no one knows.

From the bottom of the prison, an explosion was heard. It was massive as it blew out tons of rocks creating a massive hole. The rocks fell down toward the Sands and hit the salty sandy dunes. Smoke from the flames billowed out. From the hole, a figure appeared. It was Sanità. A breathing mask covered her mouth. For two years and six months she had been a prisoner, she finally found a way to escape. She was now twenty years of age. Her body mass expanded due to her consumption of heavy diet and her bodybuilding during her incarceration inside. She was stronger than she was before.

The heavily stocky build woman braced herself as she looked down from the massive hole. No longer did she wear her orange prison uniform. Instead, she is wearing some sort of black uniform that covered her entire body up to her neck. It showed her bulked muscle lines across her body. A long side cut hair lay on the side of her scalp. On the other end of her naked scalp was her prison tattoo. Her hair fluttered in the wind as it gusted up to fifty five miles per hour. Gripping the sides of the rocky doorway, she moved her body back and thrust herself out through.

Sanità fell across the air as her suit solidified her body to brace herself for the shock of landing on the Sands. Her hair continued fluttering in the air. Small pebbles from the gaping hole in the side of the prison feel free. Finally, as her feet hit the Sands with a thud, she landed face flat onto the sand falling unconscious. Quickly as her suit touched the Sands, it blended into the technology as the black shifted into a brown camouflage. Soon, the stocky figure of a woman blended into her surroundings.

Still unconscious, the woman slowly sank as her heavy weight pushed her under the damp salty sandy dune. Water lapped around her head and dampened her dirty blonde hair. She continued to sink. From above her, several air vehicles swarmed like a bunch of angry hornets from a disturbed hive. It investigated the hole in the prison and flew across the Sands looking for her.

The strand of her damp hair fell to one side as the aerial fighter roared across her camouflaged form. The woman remained cloaked from view as she continued sinking into the Sands. Half submerged into the dune, she was prone. On the nape of her neck was a small wound. It was bleeding. Suddenly her finger made an involuntarily twitch as she moved her hand slowly across the dune. She was still alive.

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