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Innocent Heart Book Two: A New Journey

By Ben Douglas All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


The fires from the burning building raged on during the night. It flickered and reflected from Ash’s dark pupils. The beast was curious on what happened to the bar. Before her and to the right was the half burnt and torn plate with the name, Thorny Rose.

The sounds of sirens blared in the dark as the firefighters rushed to stop the blazing inferno. Several police lines blockaded the road to keep the people back as they rushed to look for the survivors.

Beside her holding her hand was Mackie as she looked on. The Paxxian watched her and the boy in front of them. She was unconcerned with the blazing inferno. Cameron held Ash’s other hand and knelt down. His mouth moved as he whispered and spoke, but the beast was distracted by the blazing inferno and the sirens. She didn’t hear him.

Ash saw the bodies as the firefighters pulled them out in stretchers. They were zipped closed and scanned for identification. Using the Terrian Alliance technology, they quickly scanned whatever remained left of the dead bodies. The bodies totaled twelve as they were laid to rest on the ground away from the burning heat.

One of the devices hovered over the unzipped bag with the body inside. It’s blue light scanned the inside as a technician monitored with the controls. The device beeped as a holographic image appeared below it. It was a man’s face from an old portrait. A name was written out, Jake Coogan.

Unconcerned with the image, the technician pressed the button and labeled the dead body. He controlled the hovering device and moved on with the next body. Ash watched the scene as it unfolded before her eyes. Over time, the raging fire lessened with the awesome power of water from the hoses as the firefighters warred with the flames.

Somewhere within the building, another firefighter came out with another closed bag. Setting it down, the device hovered and scanned it. From the burned charred remains of what used to be flesh, it was quickly identified. A holographic image appeared under the device. It was of another man.

Another name was written out, James Techryn.

Not far from the burning building, a lone man in his thirties watched. He wasn’t watching the flames from the building or the firefighters or concerned with the dead bodies. His curiosity and observation was more of Ash and two other people, but more specifically the young sixteen year old girl. The man was in a black uniform and holding a corned beef hash sandwich. Taking a bite, he watched Ash silently and with interest.

The man smiled recognizing her from eight years ago. It was that day when he remembered that his boss assigned her case to him and made it his responsibility to watch her.

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