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When future takes a sharp turn for Laisy which she couldn't even imagine. She see and learn a lot of things. She will be lost somewhere far, very far from her home and in such a place where even calling for help can get her into more trouble, Earth.

Scifi / Mystery
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Chapter 1

A very sad looking women in a worn out dress, all dirty and tired but not too old, her eyes filled with fear moved closer to me it was all deserted and dusty around but I could see her clearly, she leaned closer and closer with every blink of mine and whispered "Escape from here, you are trapped , go as soon as possible , leave this hell forever and...."she moved even closer to my face and looked straight into my eyes and I could see her eyes sparkle. "Wake up" suddenly she shouted. I could feel a sudden cool breeze. Then it was snowing out of no where I started shivering and hugged myself. "What ??" I asked in surprise.

I soon opened my eyes and saw dad standing next to my bed holding a cup of coffee. He looked very annoyed. "I have been calling you since so long . Now I'll go to the kitchen , will heat this coffee and will have to bring again ya?" he raised an eyebrow at me . "Sorry dad this won't happen again." I sat on my bed legs cross and resting my head on my hands. "You are grown up Laisy. You must learn to wake up yourself and help me at times. You need to follow a sleep clock." I could see he was more irritated than usual. I don't know why but I always make my dad call me for a long time to wake myself up. I looked out of the window as usual and that is the first thing I always do. My bedroom was warm but outside it was all covered with snow. Yesterday it was snowing so bad at night and today it was just a calm wonderful view. I really wanted to go out and play with snow or is it that I wanted to go back to my childhood where I could spend some more time with my mom. Suddenly memories of my mom filled my mind , I loved her a lot and I really wanted to talk to her. Even though I could spend only 7 years with her. So I neither have got that good memory of her either. During winter I remember playing outside in snow with her and dad always calling out to us to get back into the house. Tears filled my eyes and my vision was blur. Clearing all those memories away I tried to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. I was about to open the window when my dad came into my room with hot coffee and shouted " Please no, I really don't want you to fall ill. It's too cold out there."

I was about to turn and walk along with my dad downstairs to the kitchen when from nowhere the thought about the women in my dreamed popped up in my mind and then it struck me. Oh , she didn't she look like one of us, she looked different like another creature but so similar to us. Who could she be??

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