Awen: Tongue of Flame

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Many human colonists left Earth in the year 3085 on board the generation ship 'Aspire', and almost one thousand years later they have arrived at their destination of Proxima Centauri. With only vague intelligence available to guide them through their search for a new home, the odds are stacked against the restless crew. Will humanity be able to survive so far away from their ancestral home? Follow the crew of 'Aspire' as they venture into the unknown.

Scifi / Fantasy
Craig Beckham
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Throughout the late twenty-sixth century, every nation on Earth had wanted to be the first to colonise a new solar system. During the early decades of space travel, hundreds of colony ships were sent out into the great dark between stars, on journeys of desperate exploration. They were never heard from again.

There had been no means of discovering the fate of those earlier colonisation attempts; the only solution had been to try again.

By the year 3,014, humanity had made huge strides with its advances into all fields of technology. The 'Endeavour' class generation ship had been amongst those heroic achievements, and the following several decades saw the construction of ten such gargantuan vessels.

Thousands of people were allowed to expand out further into the cosmos, and they grasped at that opportunity. Solar systems were chosen for settlement according to each of their assumed unique qualities.

Proxima Centauri had been one of many pre-selected solar systems for potential colonisation, with a significant number of heavenly bodies orbiting a seemingly stable star.

Countless Earth-born astronomers and politicians alike had each fervently argued that Proxima would be as habitable as any solar system situated within the local cluster of stars.

The Proxima project had been the first-ever multi-national space venture as well, and it was to be a perilous one thousand year journey using Nuclear Thermal Propulsion.

The crew of the generation ship 'Aspire' left Earth in the year 3,085 on their journey to Proxima Centauri, and with nothing but hopes and dreams to guide them across an ocean of stars, they sailed headlong towards an unknown fate.

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