Awen: Tongue of Flame

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A beautiful world

Earth's numerous and somewhat diverse cultures had all been brought with the generation ship 'Aspire', just as they were once brought to Sol's other colonies. The intent was to implement them in developing societies all around the world.

It had only taken the colonists two years to spread across the planet's surface. In the aftermath of those long, and arduous years they had finally managed to create a beacon of hope for all of humanity.

Many cities were still under construction, and unlike Earth, Awen boasted no countries, they were a single colony. They were one power, connected through oceanic trade routes, and several almost complete Sky-Bridges.

One city, in particular, was a magnet for tourists, and it was by far the most complete. As a result, Thalia had already become the most populated centre on Awen. There were musical theatres, sports, television stations, and religion, to list but a few examples.

Thalia resided upon the doorstep of a large ravine, with long-settled trees and flourishing foliage. Awen was an entirely different planet to earth, yet one could not help but search for the similarities.

Much like on Earth, the trees varied wildly in colour and size. The scarlet red coverings of leaves intermingled with the Aureolin yellow shades belonging to the tallest of the perennial plants. Whereas the dark, healthy-looking spring green petals in their many thousands, favoured lesser forms of flora.

The untamed dense foliage surrounded the outer edges of the city landscape, creating a vast natural boundary. The route to Thalia was paved with beautiful scenery, and if it weren't for the city's ongoing construction, nature would have most certainly prevailed over the interfering hand of nurture.

The ancient woodland extended outward, boastfully from the doorstep of the ravine, right down through the mouth and into the hidden depths of Awen.

The reasoning behind the construction of a city in this location was sound. The overflow of trapped rainwater would roll down the hillside into the ravine serendipitously, as it splashed and pooled into a natural spring. Human constructed water filters would take care of the rest, and Thalia would enjoy an abundance of freshwater.

The accumulation of clean water, along with blooming spring foliage, yielded a sense of serene tranquillity. Euphoric aromas filled the air, and the scent of fresh-cut cedar-like wood was intoxicating.

The Huntington Timber Group had been hard at work again. They were the foremost leaders for producing Awen timber, and after all, they were constructing a colony. There was always going to be a desperate need for professional builders, especially one of Owen Jenson's calibre.

'Kelly! Did you print out the latest supply order for the boss?' Jenson asked, gesturing toward the tiny portable cabin, which was their office.

Owen Jenson was a builder, incredibly stocky, with arms shaped like tree trunks, yet he had an intuitive mind which was perfectly suited for the studies of architecture and construction. This attitude and dedication toward his work were enough to earn him respect from all of his peers, including Kelly Raines in particular.

How Kelly held herself was something to admire, she had the appearance of a flashy, high-status authority figure, whilst in reality, she was not interested in politics. Loving the outdoors, Kelly took to the art of construction like a duck would bring to the water.

Kelly possessed an extensive knowledge of geography and communications; her mind was a treasure trove of data, one of which her peers would regularly interrogate for answers whenever they could. No one in their right mind would ever tell her how talented she was, since sucking up to people in this line of business wouldn't get them anywhere.

Throwing her hands up in frustration, Kelly strutted dramatically back into the cabin. After all, it would better if they were to discover any discrepancies before they returned to head office. 'I'll do it now.' she said.

'There you go Jensen, sorry, I meant to say, boss. Don't say that I never did anything for you.' she mocked, throwing in an obvious wink for good measure.

'For the last time, Hal is the boss; I'm just filling in for him today. Why won't anyone call me by my first name?' Jensen pleaded.

Kelly shrugged. 'Jensen sounds better.' she replied.

'Fine, call me whatever you want, but you still owe me tickets for the Tanic Orchestra.' he chuckled, before checking over the supply order one last time.

For anyone to obtain tickets to the Tanic Orchestra, would be like them winning the lottery. The theatre was always fully booked, plus there was the fact that they were forever working. Kelly's promise to take him to the performance for his birthday was a joke, and instead, she had bought him a pair of cheap socks as a last-minute gift. Jensen did not mind; though, in his line of work where socks would only last a week, such a gift was something to cherish.

'Well alright then, this is the last of it for today, good work everyone, time to pack up.' Jenson announced to the rest of the team.

Clearing away equipment and waste materials had taken up the most time, and two long hours later, the logging wagon was finally full to the brim, and they had reached their daily quota yet again. Today was a good day.

Hearing a commotion by the driver's door, Jensen strode to take a look. 'I was just telling this man that as the boss, I can do whatever I want.' Hal said.

Jensen held a look of disbelief. 'You want to drive?' he asked.

'You do know how much I love to drive on the open road.' Hal replied.

'Very well boss, Jimmy, you stay here and lock up. We'll meet you at the bar later.' Jensen said, slapping him on the shoulder.

The immensely sized, smooth-cut logs were safely secured in place with several heavy-duty storage harnesses, and the recently sawn wood grated off of the wagon's metallic storage container sides as they set off along the bumpy road. 'Listen to her purr.' Hal commented, winding the window down.

The road grew more uneven and wild-run at times, and after only a few miles, it already felt like the natural landscape wanted to claim it's territory back.

Gazing out towards the city skyline, they were able to witness at least a few of the wonders which had ordained Awen as being a place of special significance. Recently constructed tower-buildings and housing development sites littered but a small portion of the skyline from this vantage point and exquisite forms of naturally occurring life covered the rest.

Awen was, in fact, the first recognised inter-galactic colonisation attempt, therefore providing the planet and the surrounding star system with an incredibly high iconic status. Their world was a hidden gem, a rare beauty, and it made the journey there all the more worthwhile.

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