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☆SEQUEL TO #1 SCIENCE THRILLER GRAVITY FALLS ☆ ♧Highest rank #4 in Science Fiction♧ "Victory was gained against GRAVITY but who knew it was only the beginning....." What will happen when the sun will go under supernova? What will happen when the very guardian of our existence will turn into the reason of our extinction? Will the human species continue to survive or fail to sustain its existence? If yes....then how? And for how long? 《《《《《》》》》》 The Supernova is the sequel of the book Gravity Falls which has got the highest rank#1 in Science Fiction. But you don't need to read GF to read this book, it has a recap that defines everything in a nutshell what happened earlier to Earth. Yes! the earth is not the same anymore. So be ready to get in the world that is beyond your imagination or something you never paid attention to. This book has an independent plot existence. It is full of mystery, suspense, adventure and some undiscovered folds and ideas of science. Thanks to Rajan Gaggi Arora for this amazing cover!!!

Scifi / Adventure
Pranjali Aditi
Age Rating:

Author's Note

Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for choosing this book and sparing your precious time to read it.

I really appreciate your love and cooperation and I can't ask for more.

No more author's drama....back to pajama....or Panama....
*just for rhyme*

This book, The Supernova is about what will happen when Sun will undergo Supernova. It is estimated that it will happen after 150 billion years ,so no one cares about it. But what will seriously happen during Supernova, don't you wanna know?

Don't worry. Don't be confused if you're, somehow. I will write an INTRODUCTION defining Supernova and stuff that's necessary for you to understand the plot.

Then there will be a RECAP that will give you a brief description of Gravity Falls that goes by the name GF.

Then the story will start....
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