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What if you wake up and they are in charge

Scifi / Thriller
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People here say that we had huge fields, elegant buildings. Back when we were free to walk on the beaches, eat our food and to live our lives. But it's chaos now. We've seen people being dragged out from the hideouts and butchered. We haven't seen light in ages. Some say it has become dark ever since they started ruling.

Some say they brought up on peace to our wretched planet. Yet some consider them vicious and humanity's doom.

We call them Ginorms. They are giant insects mostly ants.

I'm told that they were our experiments that went out of hand. It wasn't exclusively the experiment that sabotaged us, but it was us. Back then people used communication devices like the cellphones.

And as population grew the cellphone towers grew large in number. The microwaves from them killed almost all of the birds on this planet and now insect are what left on this planet. All this was was our fault and our extinction was inevitable.

People say that the big ones are as tall as a 3 storey building.Their queen was the largest of them all. Those vicious creatures enslaved humans. They fed on us. Genetic manipulation gave them abilities like reasoning and speech, which we humans considered exclusive for us. And yet here we are.

We now live in an earthquake bunker, eating leftovers from the war. These were built for for survival, as the earthquakes used to last for weeks back then. We are running low on food. The kids here are undernourished. Some say we'll have to eat the weak when we run out of food.

We had more food in our old hideout, but the hostiles busted us. And we had to make a quick evacuation. A lot of people were slaughtered that day.

AI was in its peak back then. And it served as our last hope. We created machines to help save humanity but being outnumbered, our collapse was inevitable. The toll was high on our side. The hostiles sabotaged nearly all of our AI facilities. But a few of them are believed to remain functional.

We were all waiting for the perfect time to get there. To revive and to purge. As animosity towards them grew, sabotaging their empire was the only means of catharsis for us.

We had been trying to communicate with the aliens. And we believe a few of them might help us get our home back. The dilemma still exists but it's worth a shot and a necessary risk.

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