The Box

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After being trapped in an old metal box by his seemingly insane mother, Carter wakes up in a completely destroyed world. But he's not alone.

Scifi / Adventure
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Prologue (Teaser)

22:57 June 19

“Mom- Mom. Mom no! What are you doing?”


“NO!” I scream as loud as I can. “Wh- STOP!”

“No Carter.”

“Mom! Mom!” My voice cracks as I struggle against the full force of my mother’s weight pushing down on my shoulders. The box smelled strongly of mildew and death.

“CARTER! Get. In. The. Box!”

I finally get a finger hold on the rim of the opening, “What the hell are you doing? MOM!”

She sighed, not lessening her force. “Carter… it’s for your own good. Just one night- one night is all you have to stay inside…”

My eyes widen- then one question forms in my mind. “Mom… Wha-”


My head slams against the bottom of the crate. As I struggle to regain my hold on the outside of the box a massive metal lid slides over the top. I pound and kick at the layer above me. It doesn’t budge.

I curl up and count the minutes. One… Two… Three…

Suddenly a loud bang and the unmistakable sound of metal on metal rubbed on the hood.

“Mom? Mom!” My voice echoes in the small space.

“Just a precaution. For your own good.” Her muffled voice responds.

“No no no- Mom! MOM! Let me out! PLEASE!”

“I can’t Carter… it’s for your own good.”

“What does that even mean!”

There is no response.


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