Where am i?

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Its the end of the world, we are finally watching a human civilization came to an end,

Scifi / Adventure
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Where am i?


Where am I?

Human kind have grasp whatever they want, we won’t live peacefully so we came at the top of the food chain with the industrial revolution, we wanted sea we conquered them with pirates and then army, we want to conquer the sky so wrights brother took the first leap towards it, then we gaze upon the moon so Neil Armstrong sky rocketed to the moon and take the first human steps on the moon.

We conquered whatever we desire land sky and space, even though the step taken towards moon was just like a size of an atom when you realize that the space is spread to billions of light years spread away. And that not the end of it just limited to our vast imagination, which we might not be able to discover fully nor you nor I, but everything starts with an imagination, if we didn’t take the first step then then everything seems impossible just like traveling through earth, sea sky or in space, but one thing we still not be able to do is time.

This world is run with assumption, we can only assume until one of them hits the point, that’s how since work now a days, majority of the time try and error but you never know may be its been tested out somewhere before even us knowing, but as I can see all this is just an argument in my small mind, while having all these thoughts I was gazing upon the asteroid of the size of moon entering in our atmosphere, unfortunately my parents were on an international trip so we don’t get to spend our last time together even though most of the time they are on business trips rather than spending their time with the only child they have, the impact are is large whole India and also Pakistan is in direct target on this, I am in Lahore right now out in my backyard looking up and waiting to be squished by the biggest rock human kind ever see. Even though my parents were kind enough to send me tickets for New York but what’s the point, it’s the end, even if I flew away human extinction in inevitable, not only human but all living kind, still I feel proud of saving some dollars of my father, after all we are not called shakh due to nothing. The moment it enters the atmosphere, that was the last time I might have a clear look at sun as after that all we can see is fireball approaching to us, and the intense pressure under it was insane, even though it just entered atmosphere the intense pressure almost forced to kneel down half of the population of world, and then just like the old times that rock will act as a sword and cut our heads and pass the divine judgement for all our cruel acts, all this was going through my mind in a single day, don’t even care to pray anymore what’s the point, it’s not like a person like me will be forgiven in just few minutes time, otherwise God might have chosen a less harsh death for me. You can hear the loud duas in the masque and azans as well, bells in the churches and the puja in the temples, everyone was asking for forgiveness, even heard that, near Minara Pakistan they are making a human change for everyone regardless religion sect or sex.

As after a long everyone realizes that there is no bigger religion then humanity when all humanity is about to end. I don’t know whose god is real nor do I want to come in debate but all I know if God exist he will be discussed by the hypocrisy and the two sided of the so called intelligent beings send upon this world to judge there capabilities. I guess it’s better to just close my eyes and put earphone in my head playing numb in loud, I can’t hear the screaming and mass destruction in front of my eyes. Even though fate might have chosen a painful death for me but I can try to make it as peaceful as possible, I guess I have right to die in peace. Plus if even my plan works after the impact of the asteroid in split second I will die mean I don’t even feel a single pain, though I might have question of why listening numb in my last moments, may be because even though I am saying all this to myself at 100% confidence, but in reality I am so terrified that I am totally numb, even my mind too. So at least somethings are still in my control even my death too. After closing my eyes I was just waiting and then suddenly all the pressure was disappear, not only that my music it’s stopped as well, so it finally happens I died without feeling any pain or see the people in suffer, I guess God was not that cruel after all I must say, I guess I was not much of a sinful as I was expecting myself, but I guess I should open my eyes now, let’s see how the entrance of hell looks like, but this is strange that I can hear the birds as well, they never talked about birds in the hell, I guess I have to open my eyes, but the moment I open my eyes I was on my knees that’s for sure, my headphones were hanging around my neck and most importantly the place I saw is nothing like hell, when I open my eyes I found myself in a garden full of flowers on my knees, where is that asteroid? Are we safe? Or God has forgiven me and send me to heaven, my clothes and my phone was the only proof I needed to confirm that I am not dead, but the biggest question was where am i?

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