Captive Pirate

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Humans destroyed the planet they lived on hundreds of years ago. Now the last few pure humans cling to life, hunted by an organisation that claims they can use the DNA of these pure humans to save the species. But that's not all they are doing to the ones they catch. The whispers speak of experimentation and auctions. Tanna once knew captivity, taken from her mother as an infant she was sold several times over instead of being sent to one of the nurseries with the other children. Rescued by a pirate on his travel she has grown up amongst several other alien species who make up the ragtag crew serving under an old space ranger turned pirate. But can she survive when she is captured by her worse nightmare? And what exactly are they doing to the humans afterwards? Please note this is intending to be a dark sci-fi romance. Therefore it is intended for readers 18+ **********Authors Note*********** So this is something I thought up whilst trying to fine tune my other story. I'm hoping that the grammer is better in this book having being using a app with it. Im also not set at all on the title of this book. So I'm very open to suggestions as really struggle with that. Also I use British English so some words might appeared spelled wrong depending on your location. Enjoy and please let me know what you think, I'm still new to this and learning so need all the help I can get!

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1

Date: 4052

Location: Teranum Traders Market

Earth is now a dead planet. The species known as ‘humans’ cling to life on the outermost regions of space, an endangered species, one that the Correlation of Delmera are trying hard to prevent the DNA inside the fragile humans from going extinct. The humans however refuse to comply with the Correlation, stating unethical treatment of test subjects. Because of such complications, the reward for obtaining a healthy young adult human is substantially higher, with females of the right genetic calibre being priceless.

Chapter 1 – Tanna

“Come on, come on, come on” cried the small child, tugging on Tanna’s arm in an effort to get her to move faster, “we will miss it, I don’t want to miss it, do you know how often these things align” the youngster continued, tugging her down the ship's walkway towards the viewing deck.

Tanna chuckle, although only 10 years old, the Teliforna boy was nearly the same height as her. At maturity, he would stand 7ft tall, minimum. And like his father and 2 brothers his blue mottled skin would harden to green scales like an armoured suit, unable to be pierced by even the sharpest blade and capable of withstanding several rounds from a plasma gun. They were basically one man armies, many guards would rather surrender than be given the painful death sentence that standing up to a Teliforna warrior would bring. It’s why they made such skilled assassins. Nothing could take down an aged, experienced Teliforna warrior, except danger to his mate and offspring. They were fiercely loyal and protective of their family and would sacrifice their own life to preserve the lives of the ones they loved. Unfortunately, a battle where they had served as warriors had brought the species to near extinction, which was why there was a small family of them on this ragtag pirate ship they all called home.

“Calm down Khuma, we won't miss it” she laughed. Tanna had grown up on this ship, same as several of the children here. It was the only pirate ship she knew that had kids aboard, but it just made everyone feel like one extensive family. As they turned on to the viewing deck several members of the crew and families greeted them. They had 27 people on a ship designed for 20 so it was pretty crowded, especially as 8 of those were under the age of 16.

Khuma left her to go join one of his friends, she watched as the pair head butted each other in greeting, “I will never understand how those two don’t knock each other out” she mused with a smile. “I’m his mother and even I don’t understand their unique greeting” a voice from behind her said.

Tanna turned to meet Neshmi, the resident healer on this ship for when job didn’t go quite as planned. Neshmi was another Teliforna and Khumas mother. Her skin was also a mottled blue, but unlike with the males of her species it wouldn’t change colour or texture, since the females weren’t expected to fight, they didn’t need the armour. Instead, most had some form of ability that didn’t manifest until they were around 14 years of age, like Neshmi’s daughter, Akas who had turned 14 a few months ago. Akas’ skill had yet to fully manifest but there were indications she would have the ability to understand any map or solar system, including the rare star maps, a skill only a handful of beings knew how to do.

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