The Why Behind Everything // A Non-Traditional Story

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Ry McGrath has never claimed to be a good person. It is widely thought that she isn't. But that's only speculation of course, for a very simple reason. Miss McGrath is unknowable. This collection of documents is the only information the Earth Space Study Organization (or, the E.S.S.O.) has on her. And Miss McGrath controls this collection. The issue isn't hard to see, we're sure. However, in an attempt to improve our database on Miss McGrath, the E.S.S.O. has decided to make this collection accessible to the public. We ask anyone with information on the individual know as Ry McGrath to, please, step forward. We thank you for your time. ~████ █████, spokesperson of the E.S.S. -- The Why Behind Everything is a scifi themed short story about keeping secrets and the lengths a person will go to for love.

Scifi / Other
Kitt Arden
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Author's Foreword - PLEASE Read!

Heylo, and welcome to The Why Behind Everything! I, the author, Kitt, need to tell you a few IMPORTANT things about the stylistic choices in this story before you get to reading it. I promise this’ll be short!

A. This story will always be marked as completed, but may still be updated unpredictably. Despite this, it can be read as full story AT ANY POINT IN TIME. This is a stylistic choice, and the “in-universe” reason can be found in DOC1: OFFICIAL Report to the E.S.S.O. Council, aka: the next chapter.

B. This story is not written solely as traditional prose. Some parts of it are formatted as psuedo-government-documents. This is an intentional stylistic choice; please do not be confused by it.

C. Because of the formatting, some parts are ‘redacted’ and will appear like this: █████ ████ ██████ ██ ███ ███████ Again, please do not be confused; this is not a glitch.

D. Some parts of this story may include “EDITOR’S NOTES.” These are different than author’s notes and should be read as part of the story.

E. If you have any questions about this story or its formatting, please ask! I’d hate for you to be confused by anything.

Thank you for reading this notice, and I hope you enjoy the story!

~Kitt Arden

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