Unnatural Love

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Chances aren’t given twice and when they are given so are consequences, or at least that’s what I call my situation. When you wake up to a world we’re woman are as scarce as water on Mars, and red hair is considered royalty and a taboo at the same time you just have one thought in mind.... “ What the f### is going on” “Hey ! Stop it” “Can you- ca-can you PLEASE stop touching my-” “Soon-kwan nan” “Wha- you know what never mind I give up...What the f### is going on” That’s why you need to be careful what you wish for or to whom or what you wish it to.

Scifi / Romance
Lënnÿ Kwëën
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Hi!! Welcome to my first book, I hope you enjoy it and have a good time reading it. As the story goes on if you have any feedback leave a comment on how well I’m doing or how is the story☺️.....anyone who reads my story pls go and check out @Ancienntt here on Inkitt. I’ve always wanted to write a story but never really could do it or never had the courage, but thanks to her amazing stories specially “The fist she”, she inspired me to do it and here I am😘❤️🙏🏻.

Have good time reading guys bye 👋🏻!!!

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