Celestial Beauty

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~ It's the year 2128, mankind no longer lives on earth and the history of the past is mostly redacted. Seven planets were founded and each with a purpose to serve the community as a whole. The public has found peace. Where there was once war and suffering, there is now harmony and health. Serenity is expected and upheld by all means necessary. However when eighteen year old senior Nevaeh is shown the truth about her past and the society she was indifferent about, life as she knows it begins to change. With Nevaeh's universe expanding this fast, her celestial beauty is fated to reveal its true radiance. {I wake up in a sweat, the adrenaline still coursing through my blood. I look at the clock and see it's 3:30 am. I grab my water bottle from my bookshelf, slip on my shoes, and head to the main kitchen to get some water. This is the third day in a row I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep. Ever since the tarot card reading I've been having these vivid dreams that turn into nightmares. That night happened too fast and after the reading, everything goes blurry. The only thing I know for sure is what the psychic said: "Don't trust the guys in gray".}

Scifi / Romance
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The elders say it was too long ago. That it was mutual and everything happened for a reason. There isn’t much evidence anymore, of the old days and how it was before the regency. Only rumors and quietly shared gossip. The regency took full control of it all and since then society has thrived, or say they say. Freedom is greed, therefore there isn’t any. No names, no money, no problems. The adults go by their number that’s assigned after the trial. We go by our class rank each grade starts their number. In our grade, I’m number 1202, and my friends and I are the highest ranking in our class. We all have names for each other, even though it’s not allowed. 1201 is Evie, 1203 is Chad, and 1204 is Ollie. We use our telecoms that have been rewired by Evie to send each other messages, stating where to meet up and what time. It was only a matter of time until it all caught up with us until the shit hit the fan. We should’ve seen it coming, I should have seen it coming. The thing is it’s all going to change, at the hands of the phantom crown.

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