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BOOK ONE ◇ Zenith City Series ¤ Mature Content ¤ All Raine wanted was to be a renowned scientist. After continuous dedication, she gets to work on Zenith City's most prized experiment: Project X01, also known as The Alphas. They were War Machines with abilities beyond the human imagination. But things go wrong and The Alphas manage to escape. Now with no job and only half of her memories, she's left vulnerable. But Zenith City's reign of terror only begins, when a group of dangerous men- BANE- mysteriously appear and begin to take over the city. What Raine didn't know was that they were the former experiments that had managed to escape.... and that she had caught the attention of the beast of Zenith City himself. Wade. ****** very mature themes, BDSM, violence, etc.******

Scifi / Romance
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This book is solely mine, and cannot be reproduced or translated anywhere else.

No picture or media belongs to me unless stated.

Zenith City Series is my own idea and so is the plot of the series.

It takes alot of time and effort to come up with ideas, so stealing is not appreciated and action will be taken.


This book is for mature audiences only.

There will be BDSM and other very strong sexual references along with mature language and bloodbath.

If you cannot stomach strong sexual content or gruesome fights then stop reading.

I will say it again: This book is full of dark themes.

I'm a new author, so I would love any forms of feedback, and I'll act upon them accordingly. But please don't be too harsh with the comments.

I've recently made an Instagram, where I plan to post character aesthetics and many other things. If you guys would like an idea of what the characters look like then there's a link in my bio, and I will post soon.

I really hope you enjoy this book, because I've got everything planned out and I like the idea so far.

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