Apocalypse Remnant

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Humans with best genes supposedly became mindless zombies in a single second all due to failed evolution. Zombies evolved from level 1 to 2 on the first day of Apocalypse. Animals evolved to become intelligent and started a war against humans for oppressing them for ages. •°•°•°•°•° A world in which zombies, Intelligent Evolved Animals are just the start of the apocalypse as something far worse is heading humanity's way. "Can this world get any crazier??" Jason asked as he looked at the sky unknowingly jinxing all the remaining human population on earth... Follow Jason and his group as they fight against all odds and help humanity survive something far worse than a Zombie Apocalypse. Discord Server for Apocalypse Remnant`: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/jkHrRWd Support me to pump out more chapters: https://ko-fi.com/flickeringflame

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Jason Iroas, a raven-haired boy who looked like a mess with his hair sticking out in odd angles giving him a wild and untamed look. His most striking feature was his obsidian eyes which held so much depth in them that one could lose whilst gazing into them.

Being bored with the nonsensical rambling of his teacher he turned his gaze to the window on his left side looking at the playground.

He wanted to go back to his dorm room and complete the new anime he had started yesterday.

Just as he was lost in his thoughts a bird that was flying across his vision stopped midway in the air with its wings half-open in a flapping motion.

The absurdity of the situation made him double-take, his eyes opened wide as he turned his head downwards to see that everything had paused as if time itself had stopped at this very moment.

Football players were standing still in various postures, some stopping mid-run while some waiting for a pass, the football itself was suspended mid-air as if invisible hands were holding it there. The scene made him jump abruptly, he jerked his head towards his ongoing class, it had the same scenario with his teacher pausing in the middle of his speech with his mouth half-open. A chill went up his spine as goosebumps formed all over his body as his whole body shuddered from the unnatural scene happening all around him.

Just as he was about to go into panic mode an alien voice invaded the silence brought by the sudden pause in time, making him jump again.


Quest: Greetings host, a zombie apocalypse is heading your way in approximately 30 minutes and this system is a gift from the future to help you survive and aid you in your quest of saving humanity. Kill your first zombie within 30 minutes of the apocalypse uprising to complete your first quest.


System starter package


The system will go offline for a month.


Kill more than 10 to unlock the privilege starter gift.

The voice spoke in such precise words making him wonder if the system could have used a much better introduction, this was one of the most atrocious apocalypse introductions he had ever seen in various light novels and anime he had read in this lifetime.

“Wtf!!” this was the only word ringing in his mind. Although he dreamt of being in an apocalyptic world after reading many light novels about it, but when shit really happens it blows your mind.

The thought of his school being full of zombies in just 30 minutes terrified him and what about his sister living in another city how will she survive…

Just as he was going through a minor panic attack a peculiar sound ringed in the back of his mind.

“Ding, all systems are online and the host has 5 minutes to get accustomed to the system before the timer starts again.”

A soothing feeling came over his mind similar to having a cold shower making his spine shiver, the cold refreshing feeling calmed his chaotic mind instantly. Making him think clear again.

“This should be the activation of the miraculous gamers mind and body described in many novels, let’s check what this system’s got in it.” He could already feel the effects of the gamers mind without needing to check it, he would still be panicking if not for it calming his mind. He thought about the status screen and how he could access it. A holographic screen sprang up overlapping his normal vision. It was semi-transparent so it didn’t obstruct his vision, it had all his basic stats with his level information and other miscellaneous things accompanying it.

Character name = Jason Iroas

Character type= human

Char level: 1

Exp: 0/100

Health: 100

Mana : 0

Strength: 10

Intelligence: 11

Dexterity: 7

Stamina: 9


Soul shards influence: passive

The presence of a soul shard of an immortal god in the system makes the host immune to all mental illness and manipulations, it also helps the host have a calm mind in any situation.

coins: 100(starter gift to be unlocked when you kill the first zombie)

He did have an ability similar to the gamer’s mind ability but not the gamer’s body, if he had both it would have been fantastic but well beggars can’t be choosers, having a system is already a blessing. The other thing to note was that the presence of the soul shard of a god means that gods are a thing now in the apocalypse.

These stats can’t be analyzed properly before knowing the basic stats of humans.

“Hey, system could you tell me what the standard stats of humans are?“, he thought out aloud hoping the system would answer him.

And voila the alien voice again rang in his mind “the standard stats of a healthy human are 10 for each stat.

“So my strength is average and dexterity is 3 points less than average and stamina is just below average. Well what stats could I expect, I’m just a college-going boy who spends his free time reading web novels and anime. If this is all I have right now, surviving will be a hard bone to chew with these stats… lest hope the system has more in it otherwise I’m screwed,” Jason mumbled with a sheepish expression on his face.

Now seeing that the system could answer his questions one of the most essential things for survival was knowing more about the calamity that was about to fall upon every single human being on earth.

He asked the system more about the apocalypse and no answer came even though he called for it serval times.

“This means this system isn’t that reliable, I should be careful,” he thought as he was confused about what to do next, only 3 minutes were left till the time starts again. There was a tickling timer across his vision on the top left corner of his normal vision, indicating how much time was left.

“Let’s see what the system store has for us,” he mumbled as he thought about opening the system store.

A diverse section of items and tabs sprang up startling him with the things it contained, it was just like any normal RPG store just like the one he saw in every other RPG. But what made this store stand out was toggle button on the top middle, having two options technological and mystical, he was currently in the technological section he thought about toggling the mystical section but a system error came up.


“So that’s that and this means I’ll have to wait to see what’s so mystical about this section.”

He turned his attention on the main store panel, it had panels for each category of things like firearms, food, vehicles, bio labs... and the list went on. He thought of clicking the firearms and another screen popped up overlapping the previous one. It had an enormous number of weapons, ranging from simple clubs to electromagnetic railguns it had more like bombs and other things but what made him take a double-take was the prices of those. All of this was fantastic but all of this made him wonder how will he earn such enormous amounts of coins.

“How do I earn these coins,” he asked out loud in his mind.

“The main way to earn coins is to kill zombies, each zombie you kill will give you one coin in the beginning as the zombies start levelling up the coins they give will increase.”

“So this system wants to make me a zombie killing machine, “he said with a frown on his face.

" It’s not like I can help it right now, for the time being, let’s follow this system”

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