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The room spins, off balanced, unable to stabilize. Living in two different worlds one real and one fantasy, but how does one tell the difference? Everywhere you go feels like dejavu, places, faces, everything blends into one. So much confusion, self doubt. Who do you trust and can confide in? Don’t we all want these answers?

These are reasons why I put barries up, and stick to myself. Though the more you bottle up the thinner patience get. Then eventually you just explode! Thoughts start scattering uncontrollably. Everything seems to be going to hell in your mind. People start to look at you like a dangerous psychopath. Truth is I care too much for others, rather than myself.

One day I fell, now it’s hard for me to remember. All I know is I’m lucky to be alive. I don’t know how, I know I was saved. Since that day my memory has been horrid. I get these strange feelings, I don’t know how to describe it. For three weeks now, the same strange occurrence has happened every night, cycling between night and day. I wish it would end theres now a pattern burned into my mind. What is happening? I want to hunt for the truth. Search anywhere and everywhere. At this point I’m determined, one day I’ll finally seek out the truth, the meaning of my existence. Why these strange occurrences happen.

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