The unknown princess or the known warrior

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She had responsibility which was unknown to her but not to someone who she cared the most . " Don't let the world come and change you " She had everything she never notice He had everything he notice but wanted to change He had the things he cared the most and loved What will happen if they come together and fight a battle against Robots ? Genre : SciFi | Action | Adventure

Scifi / Action
Sad Elation
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main Character

Adrian Levy : A-dre-n la-ve

Andrea Roberto : N-dri-a Ro-bert-o

Adrian Roberto : A-dre-n Ro-bert-o


Parallel universe

It is another world with its own rule , which runs with our Universe . Most of the scientists , believe in the theory of parallel Universe

It is possible that in another universe , you're the one you want to be . You can be a rich business man and you can also be beggar ( just an example , no offence to anyone )


It's a way created between two different universes , it can be formed anywhere , anytime and it can become a time machine also . [ Most of the people and scientist agree on this theory ]

All Androids , Humanoids and Alpha-bots are collectively called HDR ( human destroyer robots )

Androids are the robots which work under Humanoids , they don't have the capability to work and function on their own . They work on the command given by Humanoids .


They have self-thinking capability , making them equal to humans but their strength and IQ is much more than an average human .


In future all countries are ruled by different Alpha-bots . They give commands to Humanoids .

These Alpha-bots are the one who rules their own kingdom , but no-one knows who rules the supreme World from the headquarters .

All countries have contributed to the world's biggest war , ' the supreme war ' also called TSW in the 23rd century . Every single weapon and nuclear source was used . Every single mineral from petroleum to uranium everything has come to an end , leaving one element ' Gerstum ' . Gerstum is the only metalloid used in every single HDR . It is long-lasting and durable , the best metalloid which can be used for a complex machine like Robots .

Other Keywords will have their meaning, in further chapters .

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