Slave Queen

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Liv, a slave girl in a dystopian world, finds out she has two sisters and a destiny no one ever thought possible. With help from friends and an unlikely ally she sets out to find her sisters, wanting to get to know them. Carefully stepping onto the rocky path ahead of her she triggers the events leading to her and her sisters' destiny...

Scifi / Adventure
Meara May
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Sometime in the (not so) near future

Mankind can be so arrogant, so ignorant at times, thinking they can push Mother Nature's buttons and get away with it. A couple of scientists proved this when they decided to try and harness power from Earth's core to solve humanity's ever growing power problems.

They spent months calculating and recalculating, designing the machines they needed and building them. They set up on an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific just in case something went wrong.

And something did go wrong. They just never expected things to be as bad as they turned out to be.

Their calculations were just a tenth of a percent off and of course Mother Nature wasn't one to toy with on that scale. Just working from that little island wasn't enough protection for what happened next.

On that fateful day they turned on their machines, congratulating each other that things went so well. But after just a couple of meters into the core the machines couldn't handle the pressure and heat of the core.

The machines exploded right where they were and with a deafening rumble the Earth came to a full stop, it's axis shifting a couple of degrees before it started rotating again. But instead of rotating eastward it rotated in the opposite direction.

This all happened in less than a minute, having a devastating effect on earth's population.

The majority of buildings collapsed, not being built to withstand such an Earth shattering disaster. Even airplanes came crashing down due to the shockwave of Earth's alteration in it's rotation.

Within minutes of the event over ninety percent of Earth's population had been wiped out, including the scientists who had accidentally caused the catastrophe. Governments collapsed at the same speed as skyscrapers did all over the world.

When the dust cleared the full extent of the catastrophe became visible. Were once there were billions of people, only little over six hundred million survived.

Power plants, water treatment plants and every other utility mankind was dependant on had collapsed together with everything else. Gas stations went up in smoke, oil rigs disappeared into the oceans and what was left of the cars would soon run out of gas.

Panic spread as anarchy found it's footing in a world devoid of governing bodies and law. A world that was thrown back to a situation where only the strongest survive. Not only would the survivors be lacking all the gadgets they depended on, they would also have to figure out how to get food and shelter.

In the first couple of days after the event the surviving population suffered from motion sickness in higher or lower degrees as their bodies weren't used to the new direction in which the planet spun.

In one in ten of the severe cases of motion sickness the symptoms were so bad that the people suffering from it didn't live to tell the tale.

In the days that followed everyone left who relied on medication to stay alive died as well. There was no new medication to be had.

This brought the surviving numbers down to just under five hundred million.

Amidst all this chaos a woman gave birth to three baby girls by herself. There was no one who could help her, not even her husband as he had been on the island with the scientists.

Before she could even name the girls a bullet went through her heart and the man who killed her calmly walked off with the girls as if it was nothing.

He smiled ever so slightly. He was sure he was doing the right thing.

No one knew the future he had seen and was going to prevent by keeping the three girls apart...

A/N: This is the first ever time I write something I actually feel confident enough about to share it with other people. Also, I am not writing this in my own language because my own language doesn't give me the feeling that I can write things the way they are meant to be written. So I would truly love feedback and comments which help me improve.
That said, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I love writing this.

Love, Mea
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