The Princess Of The Heroes

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In the near future, humans discover that the Earth is NOT the only inhabited planet. and that happens by a visit from the space, the UPO (the United Planets Organization), to add the Earth to the organization. Each planet is inhabited by people who look at humans but they have a supernatural power different than others. and they choose James Black to be the King of the Earth to represent his planet. Problems of misunderstanding happen which lead the Earth to a serious and long-term danger. Soon, someone will face these troubles. Who is this person?

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1

«Les événements et les personnages de ce roman sont fictifs.

Toute similitude avec des personnes réelles, vivantes ou décédées, ou avec des événements réels est purement fortuite "

L'auteur .

Dans un avenir proche, alors que tout le monde est occupé à faire quelque chose, un humain apparaît sur tous les téléviseurs du monde entier, même les téléviseurs éteints, les téléphones et même les vieux téléphones, ordinateurs, etc. en disant:

- Nos voisins, les habitants de la Terre, nous sommes l'UPO, l'Organisation des Planètes Unies. Nous avons enfin trouvé votre planète. Juste pour savoir, vous n'êtes pas seul. Il y a beaucoup de planètes habitées dans la galaxie. C'est pourquoi l'UPO est fondée, pour faire la paix dans toute la galaxie. Et pour faire partie de nous, pour vous protéger et pour être visible et présent, vous devez choisir un roi qui protégera votre propre planète de tout danger interne ou externe, et la représenter pour l'UPO, les rendez-vous de la galaxie et le reste des planètes. Et pour ne pas faire exploser les guerres entre vous, nous avons choisi un homme, qui était le président des États-Unis, avec une énorme carrière politique. Il est James Black. Nous vous rendrons visite dans le désert du Nevada demain à 8 heures. Nous nous attendons à rencontrer Black. Nous venons en paix.

Indeed, in those 24 hours, the Pentagon plans for the meeting; they call the soldiers, they bring the weapons and everything you imagine, just to protect themselves and the Earth from a sudden attack.

The next day, at 8 am, three spaceships - a rectangle form with skinny wings - appear in the blue sky of Nevada. When they land on the ground, they open the door of the spaceships and they are normal people; humans, wearing long beige elimination clothes with white scarves. First, the Pentagon thought it was a joke but when they expressed their opinion, one of them runs rapidly, faster than any normal human can run. And another one disappears and becomes invisible. After these reactions, all the humans get convinced that they are aliens and there is an UPO in the galaxy. The last one gives them a list of planets’ names and their super powers to know about the “neighbours”. So, Black is there with his wife, his son Walter and his daughter Selena, in front of all the Earth, James Black becomes the king of the Earth, and his family becomes the royal family.

The UPO chooses London, in a far place, an old abandoned castle, to be the castle of the Blacks, and of the next generations of the royal family. That castle is built on a huge hill, full of huge grey rocks and covered with grass and it’s hard to climb the hill but there are no rocks above it.

The UPO fixes and rebuilds the castle. The last one is large as much extent that the above of the hill almost has the same size. Its base is rectangular. Around it a fence and there is inside the castle a house and a yard in front of the house where the royal cars are parked in. In its four angles a tower for each angle inside it two guards. And between the door of the house and the door of the fence, there is a white marble corridor. Behind the house there is a little garden. To let people get in the castle without climbing, the UPO made a way between the below of the hill and the door of the castle so that people can get in the castle by their cars, and near it stairs for walkers. Finally, there is the street down the hill which takes you to the center of London.

And just to know, the technology of other planets is much more developed and advanced than the Earth’s. But the UPO doesn’t allow to the Earth to contact with the other planes until after three years, so that they can become sure that the humans are safe.

But, after just two years of the “aliens” appearing, again, the same alien, who is the chairman of the UPO committee, appears and says this time in an anger way:

- The Earth’s inhabitants, we knew that you are trying to attack one of the planets in order to steal its wealth. We have the proofs. So, as a punishment, you won’t contact the other planets for the rest of your lives. Also, someone will take care of this situation and so he’ll supervise you to not get out of your planet. Finally, he’ll stop every advancing in your technology to make sure that you won’t attack us by this old technology. We lost the faith in you. We won’t contact you anymore.

The humans get shocked by the speech of the UPO committee’s Chairman. And suddenly, three black circle spaceships with green lights and windows appear in the sky of London. And when they land on the ground, a lot of guards - wearing black clothes with green throats and a black mask and it’s green in the area of the face - start kidnapping humans who were just hanging out and they take them inside the spaceships.

The king of Earth James black tries to stop the alien guards but he and his guards couldn’t because the aliens are attacking with advanced weapons and of course they have super powers.

This phenomenon gets repeated approximately every day. Black can’t do anything, especially with these advanced weapons and super powers. He just asks his people to hide and run as they can when the aliens attack.

The humans hated the aliens. They can’t live in peace anymore. But even though this, they keep the king of the Earth, in order to stop wars between countries and protect them from any danger except the aliens as the Chairman said.

The years pass and the aliens are still attacking, the technology is the same; cars, smart phones, TV. The two princes are growing up. And James gets sicker and older. Until, after 30 years of the first attack, James starts dying, and his kids become a man and a woman. Before his death, James chooses His son, Walter, to be the next king of the Earth. He asks him to find a solution for the aliens after his death.

The old king dies. Then, after passing three days of mourning, Walter becomes the new young king of the Earth, while Selena is still a princess.

The time passes; Walter gets married to Masha Chamston, a young strong woman. She has a brother called William Chamston who is the head of a little organization which protects people who lost their families and provide them with shelter and food and they always try to handle the problem of aliens. This organization is very far, in a deep forest between lots of trees with huge fronds. And William chose this place on purpose to hide his organization.

Finally after few years, the queen of the Earth gets pregnant. And after 9 months, she gives birth to a twin; a girl and a boy; Jack and Mina Black.

Cause of this happy and new event, many people from all over the Earth come to visit them in the castle and to celebrate a party for the two babies.

Unfortunately, the black spaceships appear again, and they land on the ground near the castle; aliens came to kidnap more people. They surely knew about the event of the two children’s birth.

The visitors start to run and warn the king and the queen. Between this noise and chaos, an old man, wearing elegantly and with a huge smile, gets in the castle and behind him some of “black and green” men. Masha knew him already for unknown reason and you’ll know who he is later on. She takes her children to protect them, while her husband stands in front of him to talk to him; he may be lucky and convinces him to find a solution to stop this attack. But suddenly this man takes a sword was fastened onto his bellyband and he plants it in heart of the King.

Masha screams loudly, sadly and afraid, and she starts crying. That man looks at her, smiles and he gets out of the castle. He gets in the biggest spaceship after his guards kidnap approximately 1000 human. And he takes off the planet.

After that huge accident, the queen calls her brother to be the king. And to know, her sister-in-law died when she was giving birth to his only son Ilay. So, he becomes the king and his sister is still the queen.

Masha is beautiful, she’s thin and she has blue eyes and very short black hair. She’s thin because she doesn’t eat well, because she hates eating. While her brother, who is older than her, seems like his sister, but he’s also blue-eyed and he’s robust.

The dead James Black was brunet, handsome, brown-short-haired and brown-eyed. He loved the animal hunting and the challenges, and he loved his people and family and he was always taking care of it.

And finally the twins; Jack is - even he’s still a baby - like his mother and he has especially her same eyes and face. And Mina, she has her father’s same eyes. Although they are twins, they never resemble each other. And Mina is 5 minutes older than her twin, while Ilay is one year older than them.

William regards his nephew and niece as his own children and he reacts with them always the same react he does with his son Ilay; he plays with them, buys candies for them, tells a story before sleeping. And he also takes three of them with him to the forest when the twins start walking.

One day, when the twins are six and Ilay is seven years old, William takes them with him to the forest with two guards that the queen ordered to accompany and protect them. William catches Jack’s hand and walks with him, while Mina and Ilay are speaking children conversation, and the two guards are walking behind the family. Suddenly, some alien guards appear from the fronds and catch William and Jack first because they are the closest to them. The king orders the guards to take Mina and Ilay and run away. And when they did, the two kids were looking at their “father” and “brother” disappearing with the aliens, so they start crying. And that time was the last time we’ve ever seen the king and the little prince of the Earth.

After the disappearing of the king and the 3 days of mourning, Masha decides to be the queen of the Earth without a king. And she becomes so afraid for her daughter and her nephew who got really touched by the disappearing of William and Jack as much extent that they sometimes see nightmares about that accident. And by time, Mina wants so much to avenge her father, uncle, twin and her planet to aliens, and so Ilay. So, after they finished their scholastic years from primary school to high school successfully, they chose to be soldiers. And after nagging Masha for a long time, she accepted their request. Thus, they learned the fighting arts, how to ride planes and cars and ships, how to shoot, and of course the hard physical exercises. Mina learned all of that in 3 years, while Ilay studied just shooting and punching and the hard exercises for one year. Mina took also more lessons about fighting, throwing knifes and protecting herself in four years, which made her brushes up her talents and power in fighting...

* * *

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