Phoenix Rising; Anunnaki Wars

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Escape into a world of mythical creatures, legendary civilizations, dangerous sword fights, and epic space battles, where science fiction meets fantasy. Aidan, a Murian prince awakens from a fiery crash in an unknown time. His people legends fading into the mist of time, long forgotten. Whispers of foul deeds and terrifying acts plague the galaxy as death spills across unknown battlefields. Riders, impressed to the gargantuan creatures called Solar Sailors, speak of horrific attacks upon peaceful citizens as they travel the dark energy currents. The Igigi silent. Ghost walkers, mysterious Temple warriors sent to investigate, discover an elusive and savage enemy pitting empire against empire spreading terror and chaos. At the center of the maelstrom, a sinister and secret society seeks control of the Anunnaki Empire. Into this anarchy, a young Queen, Jynnalt, her consort Ryakin, and three unlikely hero's fight for the very survival of their people, forced to sacrifice for love, house, and empire as it slides into anarchy. How can an ancient prince, and an untried Queen, triumph against the greatest forces the galaxy has seen since the time of the formidable and legendary Phoenix Queens? In a time of galactic war, some will rise to the challenge. Others will fall. Those who emerge victorious will rule the galaxy. How much are you willing to sacrifice to save everything you love

Scifi / Fantasy
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Phoenix Rising

Anunnaki Wars

C.S. Wade

Platinum Oak Publishing

Platinum Oak

Second Edition

All rights reserved.

ISBN- 9781733775700

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This is for my two grown daughters who have pushed me to write. My long time love and abiding activity through good and bad. To my beautiful seven grandkids with love. I wish your lives filled with nothing but love and happiness. Adversity can lead to better things if you allow it to. And to any who stood by and supported me in all my endeavors. To one who will always be my friend Thane Gilmore. To all my friends I have in the game of Guild Wars and all the WvW’s in Yaks Bend. To those in the guilds of Eye, PoV, Doom, Foul and Waar. I have laughed and cursed while filling long nights battling against all odds. Both wins and losses help keep me sane and not to take myself seriously.

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