Playing God With A New World

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Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Rolling over, Brian pulled the sheets up over his shoulders. He jolted awake as he remembered he did not fall asleep with blankets. Thinking back on it, he was proud of what he had accomplished yesterday, surviving in a South American jungle, fending off predators, and making it out alive. Snapping back to the reality at hand, he noticed he was in a room he had never seen before decorated with oriental designs and paintings.

“Hello” Brian shouted.

No response. He hopped out of bed naked and wandered out of the room.

“This is definitely not the jungle” He said out loud.

Brian found the bathroom and immediately noticed there was no toilet. There was only a small platform in the corner of the room with a hole in it. As he confusingly looked at this apparatus, he glanced at the mirror next to him. He was no longer in America. Staring back at him was an old Chinese man. Brian looked down at his naked body, and was instantly disappointed. What he found did not excite him like what he saw in New York. Now disheartened with this discovery, Brian searched around for clothes, but all he could find was a fancy silk robe. He put it on and tied it up, it felt heavenly. So soft on his skin and the breeze as he walked was refreshing. As he passed a window, he noticed the beautiful view. Trees as far as you can see, hills and water in the distance. Not another house in sight. Searching around the beautiful house, he found a room without windows. With the little light that the doorway let in, Brian could see a bed with chains coming from the ceilings and walls. Lining the wall next to the bed was whips, flogs, gags, handcuffs, restraints, and more sex toys than he had ever seen in a sex shop.

“This is quite the sex dungeon, I have only ever heard about things like this. This old man must be living quite the life.” Brian excitedly thought to himself.

Strolling around in his elegant robe, Brian found a door to the outside and walked out. He looked around to find crystal clear carp pools, meticulously maintained rock walls and pathways. Bamboo gardens poked out along the paths with Chinese Fu dogs perched on guard watching. For a moment, Brian almost forgot about the problem at hand. He took a breath and closed his eyes as he took in the peaceful serenity. Thoughts about what had occurred in the last 48 hours swept over him. How was he going to get back to DC? How did he end up in China overnight? Did his experiment cause all this? As he pondered over how he could get his life back to normal, he heard someone yelling gibberish in the distance. Coming up the path was a beautiful Chinese women. Dressed in a gorgeous robe, and her hair done up in standard Chinese tradition. She was obviously talking to Brian, but he could not understand her.

“Maybe this was the old man’s wife, what a lucky guy, beautiful house in the mountains, more fun than any old man should ever have, and a drop dead gorgeous Asian wife” thought Brian. The closer she got, Brian could tell she had a pleasant demeanor. He did not feel threatened at all, so he greeted her with a “Good Morning”, except what came out of his mouth was not English. She smiled, bowed and repeated the greeting he had somehow uttered. She began speaking in what Brian could only guess was Mandarin, somehow he began to understand her.

“I am thinking in English, have never learned Chinese before, but somehow I am able to communicate in this foreign language.” Brian thought to himself.

“Do you know what has happened?” The women asked.

“I have an idea what might have caused it, but I need to get back to Washington DC.” Brian explained.

“Do you know where we are?” Brian inquired.

“I think we are in the mountains in China, I woke up with a group of women and we could use your help.” The women replied.

Before Brian had a chance to respond, she had turned around and started walking down the path. Brian had no other options than following her.

As Brian meandered his way down the path, he began to hear other voices. It was almost as if they were singing or chanting. The more he walked, the louder the voices got. Soon the women he was following had disappeared, but he could tell there was a clearing ahead of him. The path opened up into a beautiful field, rock walls lined the perimeter and in the field was a flock of women. All beautiful, all dressed in fancy traditional Chinese attire. Lining the field were small huts. It was almost as if there was a small desolate village of all women living here.

“What were all these women doing here?’ Thought Brian.

He could now see the women he had originally met, she was enthusiastically speaking to another women. As Brian assessed the situation, the women all spotted him. They turned, smiled and they all approached him at once.

Overwhelmed, Brian started to explain “I am going through the same thing as you, but if I could get to the United States, I might be able to make things go back to normal.”

They all appeared so glad to see him, touching his arms and face, calmly speaking to him. The woman that he had first met, now approached him. She explained that all the woman had woken up in these huts, some were tied to their beds, some had injuries like they were whipped. It was as if Brian was their savior. They were all so happy to have him there. Brian, liking the attention of these beautiful women, completely forgot about the situation he was currently in. His thoughts drifted off to all the possible outcomes of him with all these women. It had been awhile since he had adult relations. A smirk stretched across his face as two women each took a hand and started guiding him to the edge of the field. He soon noticed another path on the opposite side of the field that they were leading him towards. He could see the outline of a rock building hidden in the trees. It looked old and almost like a place of worship. There were crumbling statues and the walls of the building had holes from where rocks had fallen out over the years. Through the holes he could see the glow of light inside. Surrounded by gorgeous women who were happy to see him, Brian had nothing to fear, or so he thought. Instead he tried to figure out what all these woman had been doing here before the world changed. There were no other houses or villages in sight, he was the only man he had encountered, and this old Chinese man apparently lived a life of luxury in his mountain home.

“Why would they be tied up, who would have hurt these woman?” Brian tried to figure out.

He bounced back to reality as he followed them without hesitation through the door into the stone temple. Inside he could now see that the light he saw were candles, lining all the walls inside this rock structure. In the center of the room was what looked like a bed. The two women led him over to the bed, and it was now that he realized all the other women had followed. Many were standing at the windows, some were gathered around the doorway and a few had entered the room as well. As Brian sat on the bed, he realized it was a big piece of wood with a nice blanket on it.

“When in Rome...” Brian thought as he guided to sit on the bed.

“I’ve never been with more than one women, and it’s been a while for even that.” Brian tried to explain.

He could see that every women was grinning from ear to ear as Brian prepared himself for the time of his life.

“Well I guess I am going to have to put on a show, I may look old, but I’m young at heart.” Brian exclaimed.

The women motioned for him to lay down and Brian complied. As he tried to adjust himself to get comfortable, he had women at both arms and both legs.

“Now ladies, take it easy with me, give it enough time and there’s plenty of me to go around.” Brian joked.

None of the women laughed, it must not have been as funny as Brian thought. The women started slowing touching and caressing his arms and legs. As Brian laid back to take it all in, he felt their grips tighten.

Brian chuckled “So we are going to make this a game I see.”

He looked around the room and soon noticed the temperament had gone from happy and joyful to a somber serious one. Brian tried to get up, but the women put more weight on him holding him down. Soon the lady who he had first met was standing in front of him. In her hands she held a knife.

“Hold on, I don’t know if I am into blood play.” Brian pleaded.

He struggled to get free as the women all started chanting something in unison.

“You have angered the gods” The women stated. “We must release you from this world to make everything right”

“I am not really this old man, this isn’t my body.” Brian pleaded, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

They were convinced he was the person who had imprisoned them here, and done unspeakable things.

At this point Brian had had enough. He kicked, pulled, screamed, wiggled and was able to get an arm free. He pushed the women holding his other arm, kicked his legs free and jumped up. Pitching a tent from all the excitement, Brian stood there in his silk robe trying to plead and explain that he was not who they thought he was. The women tried to encircle him, while their leader stood by, knife still in hand. Brian quickly realized there was no rationalizing with these women, and his only chance was to try and get out of here alive. He surveyed his environment and identified what he thought to be a weak spot in the circle of women. He lowered himself slightly, as if he was a sprinter at the start of race, and took off as fast as he could charging through the human fence surrounding him. Hands and fingernails dug into him, but he kept his feet moving, he felt women fall as they tried to cling onto him as he raced by. His robe now barely hanging on and everything was bouncing around in all its glory. He heard shrieks and cries as he just kept running without looking back. Brian had no idea where he was going, but anyplace was better than a knife in the chest.

Aches and pains radiated through his body with every step, his bones hurt with the force of running. Hobbled, he made it back up to beautiful mountain house he had woken up in.

“What am I going to do” Brian said to himself.

He had no idea where he really was, there was a gang of beautiful women that he almost got murdered by, he had woken up in different places and different bodies the last couple days, and he just missed out on the only remote possibility he’s ever had for having an Asian orgy. Things were not going well for Brian.

He decided to sit for a minute to catch his thoughts, and his breath. Before he even had a chance to ponder his situation, he could hear the chants and footsteps of the murderous Asian beauty tribe coming up along the path. Brian ran for his life, not a clue as to where he was going, just as long as it was the opposite direction of where death was waiting. He pushed through the pain, jumped over roots, he tripped over rocks, branches whipping in his face. As fast as this new old body could possibly carry him, Brian put it to the limits. Paranoid, he thought he could hear them still behind him. He looked back for a second, tripped, and began somersaulting down the hill through the trees. With a thud, Brian’s head bashed off a tree and everything went black.

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