Playing God With A New World

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Culture Shock

Dazed, confused and scared, Brian woke up but he couldn’t move. Was this hell? Did the head injury leave him paralyzed? Had the imprisoned Chinese beauties caught up with his unconscious body? He tried to look around, but everything was dark. All he could make out were small slivers of light poking through the cracks in whatever building he was in. He could smell the dirt, and the room was hot and humid. No matter what he tried, he could not get up. He could barely move his arms and legs, and he definitely couldn’t roll over. He was laying on some kind of blanket, but it felt almost like he was laying on the hair of a dog. He tried to roll his body over, grabbing at the fur blanket he was laying on. Groaning, he tried to use his ab muscles to pull himself up to sitting. With every ounce of strength he could muster he tried and tried to get up, but it was no use. He was able to bring his hands into sight and they were small, with unusually tiny short arms. His fingers had no dexterity and did not react properly to his brains signals.

“Was this a result of the head injury I sustained” Brian questioned himself.

Brian tried to call for help, but all that came out were screams. As he lay there crying, the door of building opened and in walked a large topless African lady. Curvy, dark as the night sky, blue and white beads dangling around her neck, and a huge inviting smile. She was barefoot, with just a little skirt around her waist. She seemed like a giant compared to Brian. She walked over, made some cooing sounds, and crouched down and scooped up Brian.

“This isn’t what I think it is.” said Brian, very confused at the situation.

“I must have woken up as a little person, maybe this is an undiscovered race of really small people, or I woke up in a village of giants” Brian tried to rationalize the situation.

The lady rocked him back and forth, calming Brian. Before he knew it, she was moving him up to her gigantic milk filled African breast.

“This is what I think it is, I am a baby!” screamed Brian.

All the lady heard were cries, and what better way to settle a crying baby than with a belly full of warm fresh breast milk. Brian tried to squirm away, he tried to resist. He pushed and kicked and then felt her warm soft skin, it was immediately calming to feel such comfort and security. Impulsively, Brian latched right on to that breast and began to suck.

“This isn’t so bad, kind of sweet.” Thought Brian.

Caught up in the moment, Brian quickly snapped out of it as he tried to push the breast away.

“I am a baby, how did this happen, this can’t be possible.” Brian continued to scream.

He began to feel something spraying onto his face. He shook his head trying to get away. He opened his eyes to see a stream of milk shooting from the chocolate mammary gland. Once again the lady urged Brian to drink. It felt warm and safe pressed up against this strange ladies bosoms. She continued to rock Brian, making soft calming sounds as Brian sucked away on the breast nectar. Without missing a beat Brian farted, but it was not just a fart. He did more than just make a little more room for the boobie juice. The lady chuckled as Brian could feel his now soiled cloth diaper fill up. Brian screamed, he cried, he flailed his arms and legs as best he could. The gentle giant put him back down on the animal fur rug, and proceeded to peel the cloth diaper from him. Brian tried to squirm away, he flung his hands down into the messy diaper getting it everywhere. The lady was so patient with Brian, she laughed and continued on as usual. It was apparent, this was not her first time taking care of a baby. After he was changed, he felt so refreshed, and craved a little more from those milk cannons. A little more fussing got Brian exactly what he wanted.

With a full belly, the lady took Brian outside her hut. As he tried to look around, all he could see were small wooden huts everywhere. A whole town of them. He did not see any electrical lines, there were no vehicles around, just dirt paths meandering between the shacks. Trash and debris lined the walkways. Some people sat outside there huts, but there did not seem to be much activity going on. She strolled around with Brian on her hip. Brian had never seen people so poor. Starving dogs picked at some of the trash piles, he saw no other children, and did not see any evidence of running water. From what Brian could deduce, he was in Africa, and a very poor part of it.

“At least this lady knew enough to take care of the baby that was with her” Brian thought.

He also thought about all the other children in the world affected by this. There was no way everyone was as responsible as this lady and freely and willingly taking on the responsibility of raising someone else child. Brian felt grateful for the situation he had woken up into. The experience he was having that allowed him to open his eyes to situations around the world he had been sheltered from.

The villagers seemed content with the situation. He expected to see people scared and confused. Maybe it was because everyone had gone through this a couple days already and knew they couldn’t do anything to fix it. There was also the fear of the extreme heat and wild animals that would make you a meal without hesitation. This was the first time in a few days he actually felt a sense of community. Everyone had to work together to survive, they had to share their resources and protect each other. As poor and isolated as these people were, their hosts had embraced the situation. Brian admired their tenacity for the situation. A helpless baby, but the mother offered security and nourishment.

Soon, the lady brought him to a small stream of water. People were in it swimming, bathing, and filling up clay jugs for what Brian would assume was drinking water. The lady playfully let Brian submerge his legs and waste. The water felt refreshing with the dry warm air of Africa. What was not refreshing was the smell. It was putrid, the smell of bodily waste, mixed with body odor and algae. And this is what these people were using every day of their lives for water to survive. It had probably been used this way for generations, and they didn’t know any better. At this point, Brian was kicking and screaming to get out of the water. The lady obliged, and started carrying Brian back the way they came. She sat Brian down outside her shack and all he could taste was the dirt in the air mixed with humidity. He could not sit on his own and just fell over, this time his face landing right in the dirt. With a mouthful of sand, the lady picked Brian up and dusted him off. Once again she tried to put him in a sitting position. He was able to balance for a few seconds before he felt his body falling backwards. His head landed with a thud and a puff of dust encircled his head. Brian screamed, this was awful and a complete waste of day that he could be using to try and make the world right again. He felt helpless and trapped, he could not communicate and had to rely solely on this woman for support. Picking Brian back up, she continued to rock him and hum a melody he had never heard before. The vibration of rocking and the melody of her tune made Brian sleepy. Before he knew it, he was drifting off to sleep. She tried to set him down, but like most babies, Brian knew what she was trying to do. As soon as her hands left him, he fussed again to feel that warm embrace. She obliged and picked him up again, rocking and cooing to calm him down. He was so close to sleep, but he craved the motherly embrace, and repeated the ritual of screaming bloody murder when he was set down. Playing the silly game, the lady held him until she was sure he was fast asleep.

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