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C Johnsons Darkque Matter: Operation Skyward Trail

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Art belongs to rightful owner and will be taken down on request. Years after the biggest stalemate in Universal history, a proxy war must be fought. In the year of 3034, a squad, known as Para Squad 12 would forge themselves to become known as Task Force Valkyrie.

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Cameron Johnson
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The Devil come from below and we jump from the Heavens and deliver the final blow.

We are Task Force Valkyrie

Honour thy name we bestow.

We choose the warriors.

Nearly dead or alive.

They join our ranks.

We are the spear of judgement.

Unyielding to our foes.

- Task Force Valkyrie pledge

"Conflict is in everyone's nature. We can not stop people from violence and war. Even the most intelligent and peaceful beings can eventually turn violent." - Captain Marlough, 2756

30 years after the Great Universal War, the Federation fight for territory in a proxy war against the Grand Justice Frontier, a proxy war against the Corporate Universalists who fund the GJF to take a small inch of bordering territory of a galaxy but the Galactic Confederacy have other plans to hold the Frontier back. Several thousand jump pack units are dropped into different planets during the dead of the planet's night in a campaign that would see the Confederacy challenged for two years before snuffing out the flames of a second Great Universal war. One of these were not an average group of Jump Troopers but one that would be immortalised. Joint Para Group 12 which would be quickly known as... Task Force Valkyrie.

A large wolf-like man, prepped up and in his combat uniform sat there, a cigarette angled in his muzzle flaring up his face before going dark as he looks to a young human woman, with purple hair contained into a simple, wavy ponytail who's face lit up blue as she looked over a screen contained in her camouflage combat jacket, tapping on it and looking over a generated map of the surface they were flying over. The drop ship was nothing but deathly silence, the odd light from blue plasma bolting past the ship lighting up their painted faces, some looked frightened and some looked cold and concentrated. In front of the human and the wolf alien was a raven haired human with US flags on his arms and a Gray Alien that bared a few symbols of a combat aid specialists and an American flag on his right arm.

The wolf then tapped the arm of the Gray curiously and offered a cigarette with a strange scouse accent he asked "Want one, Nera?"

The gray shook his head and laughed as he pulled out his own carton and put one in his lips, "It's all good, Alex, got my own." The American voiced xeno declined.

The alien then lit it with a small tap on his wrist comp and then inhaled the fine, silken smoke to remove the nerves of this seemingly very dangerous jump. It was then the Gray checked behind him to see what the human woman was up to "We doing okay, Lil? Something up?"

The young woman then said in a British accent "No, not really, just wondering where these bloody shots are coming from... Last thing I want is the wing of the ship getting torn off by a stray plasma round."

Then the Raven haired airborne trooper smiles and then turns about "Lily, you worry about these top-of-the-range drop ships getting scrapped by some outdated plasma cannons? I doubt any of them will be torn... up..." He looked out the window, his eyes widening as a drop ship took a plasma bolt which tore through the protective shield and some of the troops dropping out the nasty tear, either on fire or doing their best to try and trigger their jumpack as the ship exploded in a mess of metal and blue flame.

The red light came beaming on and then began to blink as the back door opened and a rush of cold air flooded the jump bay, the jump master signalling for all the troops to stand and hook up. They all complied, Nera and Alex exhaling the last bit of smoke and putting their stubs out and then hooking up with the squads. The jump squads were nervous since this is the first time beyond the training they finished just days ago. This wasn't just some space pirates or a small group of radicals like they said... This was an army. The drop ships beside them were either surviving hits or outright burning up in one way or another and below there were clouds and blue flares of plasma Anti-Aircraft shot.

"Check Equipment and Jump packs. The damn AI won't do it for ya!" The team promptly checked equipment as they moved forward and felt the harsh wind against them as they put the goggles over their eyes and set them there

Alex phased out to his own thoughts for a while as he tried to block out the horro happening around him. Green... Green... Green. The only thing that processed in the mind of the wolf alien, then Alex snapped back into things after hearing the yell of the jump leader "Group Twelve, you are ready to jump!" It was then the four ran for the back of the spacecraft and leaped into the cold, unassuming night of the planet known as Lerenai. Heavy clouds and blue flashes being the only things group twelve could see beyond them, for at least a few seconds, then into the misty, icy fog of the clouds then out as quick as they entered. They see the chaos of below of many flashes of blue, like forbidden, ancient dragons bringing their wrath upon the planet.

With hisses of their jump packs, they hit the ground after a few small sputterings of flame before the pack died off and it was then squad twelve were safe and above... Hell let loose, nothing but fire and fireworks as plasma, jump packs and burning drop ships falling from the sky. They were left outside the town of New Carentan, bullet holes and plasma burns scarred the buildings. Lilly was quite shook up seeing the outskirts already and looked to the lads.

"This it?" She stuttered.

Alex was looking at his wrist comp "This is it. New Carentan. Human settlers tried to fight but got forced out and replaced."

It was then a hiss was heard and a voice croaky voice said "Are you Federation?" It was then into the streetlight, a large native insectoid alien shows with a large rocket launcher on his back, something similar to an old second world war bazooka to with some extra tech to it "I am Staff Sergeant Akam Daskarien! Doing my best to help my human allies to fight this new force!"

Everybody was was quite anxious about him but when he showed his patches and ID, it showed that he was a former Confederation Defence trooper and now apart of a human alliance group that was working on the planet to free it from oppression for humans and other peaceful groups. Daskarien then motioned them to enter his home that was next to them, still a bit anxious, they entered, guns raised and checking every corner in case of a set up before everyone shouts "All clear!" from all rooms and Daskarien sat back and admired the professionalism of the troops.

Sirens cried in the town as the invasion carried on, gunfire and sounds of electricity sounded in the dead and cloudy night, New Carentan's heart beat with the sound of battle. Squad Twelve then left the building while Daskarien put his helmet on and up the beret under his epaulette and put a few extra clips into his mag pouches and followed tight behind "may I join, Sir?"

Alex nodded "More the merrier and we might need some demolitions as well, we'll run it through with the Commander later though. Right now, we have to liberate and hold the town until the morning, that's when the flag ships are coming."

And then the warriors fade into the night of the town, hoping to group up with any other groups that are moving in from the outskirts... Operation Skyward trail would begin from this point on.

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