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EIGHT, has been activated by her creator/ father Norman Hunraken. Her purpose for activation is to seek out and destroy the recently starting rebellion faction calling themselves the Golordians Against the Black Empire (or GABE for short). Upon activation Hunraken realizes that EIGHT has a lot more intelligence than what he thought was possible, including the fact that she is aware that she is a sentient person not a regular android. Distraught by the idea but not all together discouraged Hunraken sends EIGHT to find a key leader of GABE a female Captain named Adrian Maroon, a woman who recently brought down a key power source to his regime. EIGHT soon starts having strange dreams. Dreams filled with thoughts, emotions, fears. Feelings that she was not supposed to have. Dreams filled with dread, dreams filled with despair and horrible visions of a life. A life of a man named Vincent Gould.. Overwhelmed by nightmares and tormented by memories of this man named Vincent Gould, EIGHT soon finds herself in a situation where she does not know what she is supposed to do. She has a task to perform, a program to follow, and a sudden thought fills her mind she could defect against her creator. Little did EIGHT know, Hunraken has been monitoring her thoughts and comes up with the ultimate solution to her thoughts and memories he will NEGATE them.

Scifi / Thriller
Miguel Angel Ojera
Age Rating:

System Start














Eyes initiated.

Scanning room.

Scan detects lifeforms.

1 Male Fakir

Age approximately 84 cycles

Hair: green due to rare genetic mutation in blood

Name: Norman Hunraken

Status: Creator/ Father

“Designation?” the man said standing in front of me.

“Esmerlda Isabel Gloria Hernandez Teal,” I responded.

“Status?” the man asked.


Scanning AI perimeters…


Scanning frame perimeters…


System check…operating under normal perimeters.

“Operation under normal perimeters.” I answered.

“Good,” he smirked. “Tell me, what is the first thing you remember?”

Scanning memory banks…

“Initiating system start,” I responded.

“Good,” the man smiled, and nodded. The man was taking notes on a pad he had, he vigorously typed away and “EIGHT, how many people are in this room?”

Scanning room…

I saw the man with the green hair who was typing away on his pad.

But then I saw another man nervously walking around in the back.


Golordian Male

Age: 36 years old

Status: injured eye due to sudden impact of retina, potential blindness imminent. Scans show him to be one Marxus Browne, a Colonel of the Golordian Empire.

“Aside for myself, there is you and the Colonel over there,” I said.

“She knows who I am?” Marx asked he stopped walking nervously.

“I programmed her with the crew list of service personnel.” Hunraken said then he turned back to me and said, “So you consider yourself a person?”

“A person is defined as an individual or body of individuals. A living being or a group of beings that has a consciousness and recognition of own self, as well as given responsibilities.” I said. “I am activated therefore I am alive therefore I am a person.”

“Huh…” Hunraken looked uneasy suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” Marx asked.

“She is not supposed to understand that by being activated this means she is alive.” Hunraken said tapping at the pad in his hands.

“Is that good or bad?” I asked.

“Unknown at this point,” Hunraken said. “Tell me, what are your directives?”



Primary Directive…

Destroy Rebellion factions.

Secondary directive…

Find out everything about Rebellion factions.


“Would it not be easier of I did the secondary directive first to accomplish the primary directive?” I asked.

Hunraken looked confused by the question.

“What the hell is she talking about?” Marx asked.

“I programmed her to be able to deduce and come up with alternate methods of accomplishing a set goal.” Hunraken said tapping on his pad. “But she’s clearly figured out a better way to accomplish her main directives.”

“And?” Marx asked.

“Unknown at this moment,” Hunraken said. “Tell me, what is your endoskeleton made of?”


Endoskeleton frame:

Material: Alitinium 10 97%

Tellurium 1.5%

Platino 1%

Other alloys .5%

“Mostly Alitinium 10,” I responded.

“I thought that shit was unstable.” Marx said.

“It is if not in a sealed container which preserves a temperature of -459.67 Falcos, the measurement of temperature of the Fakirs, created by Fernando Falco, in the year…”

“EIGHT you don’t have to spew unnecessary information like that.” Hunraken said.

“Understood.” I said.

“So how did you manage to keep it stable?” Marx asked.

“Cold fusion,” I said.

“Cold fusion?” Marx said.

“Cold Fusion is a process of generation cold temperatures in order to generate energy that then can be used to run a system.” I said.

“So instead of outputting heat, it outputs cold?” Marx asked.

“Precisely,” I said.

“How the hell?” Marx said,

“By compressing molecules instead of expanding them,” I explained.

“You mean like an AC unit?” Marx asked.

“Somewhat,” I said. “However, an AC unit simply changes air temperature from hot to cold using a refrigerant which changes from hold to cold. In my system, my core extracts the hot air from the environment making it cooler creating an energy flow which in turn not only cools down the very metal my endoskeleton is made of but the very core itself which is made of Alitanium 5.”

“Glorious,” Hunraken smirked.

“But wouldn’t that freeze you considering how cold that is?” Marx asked.

“It would if you did not count entropy.” I said.

“The excess energy that goes nowhere?” Marx asked.

“Will in my system it goes back into my very own veins…for lack of a better word.” I said.

“I get it, so essentially you work on the principle of self-generating cold energy which makes the alitanium into a metal which in essence makes it possible to generate the energy.” Marx said.

“Essentially yes,” I said.

“How do you know about that?” Hunraken asked Marx.

“I did divert that rocket when I was a kid,” Marx shrugged.

“To be correct he remotely diverted it by aiming a jamming signal at it.” I said when I pulled up Marx’s background information.

“Regardless,” Hunraken said. “I activated you for a reason.”

I stopped and thought about that for a moment. It was true I did not know why Hunraken had activated me. I then looked around and next to where I was a body of a man. He was a young Golordian Male, he must have been around 24 or 25 years old maybe a bit older. For some reason he looked familiar to me.


“I was looking for a specimen to test out transference of a consciousness.” Hunraken said. “I was going to transfer Persephone, but that didn’t work. Luckily, I saved her persona. Recorded it in an electric brain. Once I have your previous self fully wiped, I will add her data to you.”

“What the hell kind of sick…” it was the man who was on the table across from me now. What was he doing? Why was I seeing this?

“And just with a flip of this switch here…” Hunraken said he walked over to this computer gizmo thing. “Your memory of your previous self will be wiped out.”

“You think I will forget?” the man said to Hunraken. “I’ll remember you, you son of a bitch and I will bring you down if it’s the last thing I do.”

“I will like to see you try,” Hunraken said as he flipped the switch.


What was that? I shook my head.

“What’s a matter?” Marx was the one who asked.

“It’s…” I looked at the man again.

I felt somehow connected to him. I did not understand why. Somehow, I felt like I knew him. I tried scanning him to see who he was but I kept getting the same result.





I shook my head again.

Hunraken looked at me then looked at the monitor.

“Her memory bank is going crazy,” Hunraken said.

“What does that mean?” Marx asked.

“It must be from the expunging I just did.” Hunraken said he tapped on the monitor and took notes on the pad that he had in his hands. “Worry not, EIGHT you should be operating under normal operating procedures soon.

I looked back at the man.

Who was he?

Why did I feel connected to him?

I felt that I had to find out. It was nagging in my algorithms. I had to know who this man was. I had to find out why it was that I felt so connected to him.

“Very well,” I said to Hunraken.

“Come, we will go over your mission directives.” Hunraken said tapping on a monitor closest to the chamber I was in. It was then I noticed other chambers with 7 other people in them. They looked like they were sleeping inside these chambers. I looked at these people.

There was a male that said ONE on it that I looked at for a while. I thought I had seen him smile at me. This evilest smile that could have ever been smiled. To make matters worse…he stared at me with horrible yellow serpent like eyes. I shook my head and he was asleep…what in the world was going on?

Only time would tell.

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