Blinding Light (BLS Book 1)

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The year is 2340. Does she know that? No, of course not. Mila Hayes, adopted into a noble family after years of running, is given a chance to win the hand of the prince of Iwera. She takes this opportunity for money and for the benefit of her house, which is dropping fast in rank, causing difficulties with finance. Living in the castle, she experiences traumatic dreams and finds a mysterious cat that visits her at midnight from time to time. As time progresses, Mila discovers a deep, dark secret hidden far beneath about her past, or rather, the present. Will she forgive those who betrayed her? Or will she be blinded by revenge? Author's Note: This story contains mental disturbance, violence, and strong language. This is book 1 in the BLS (Blinding Light Series). Updates every Wednesday!

Scifi / Mystery
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Dear Readers,

This book initially takes place between the 17th ~ 19th century (exact date unknown). Slangs are part of our everyday lives. We only know so much of history. Slangs are often forgotten, renewed, and renewed each year even.

Without further ado, here’s the dictionary.

Ch. 2:

Merci: Thanks, thank you

Flash the Hash: To vomit

Clavi Cembalo Col Piano E Forte: Harpsichord invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori

Unlicked Cub: A rude, uncouth, and unappreciative young fellow

Nasty Beau: Someone well-dressed but dirty

Pourquoi pas: Why not

Ch. 3:

Viens: Come on

Enchanté: Nice to meet you

Votre Altesse: Your Highness

Church Bell: Talkative woman (can be used as an insult)

Poked Up: Embarrassed

Ch. 5:

Silvous plait: Please

Ch. 6:

Arriage Music: Screaming babies

Pudding-Headed Fellow: A total idiot

Ch. 7:

Diddle: Gin

Giggle Mug: A habitually smiling face

D’accord: Okay

Ch. 8:

Chuckaboo: A nickname given to a close friend

Gentleman of Three Outs: Without money, without wit, and without manners: some add another out, without credit

Non: No

Ch. 9:

Mad as Hops: Excitable

Skilamalink: Secret, shady, doubtful

Kickerapoo: Dead

Gut Foundered: Starving hungry

Ch. 11:

Bonsoir: Good evening

Mumbling Cove: A shabby person or an unpleasant, deceitful landlord

Gal-Sneaker: A man devoted to seduction

Fussock: A lazy fat woman

Bricky: Brave or fearless

Ch. 13:

Foozler: A bungler, or one who does things clumsily

Some Pumpkin: A big deal

Roiderbanks: Someone who lives beyond their means, or seems to spendextravagantly

Wake Snakes: Get into mischief

Ch. 14:

Camp Candlestick: A bottle

Tell AThumper: Construct a clever lie

Ch. 15:

Avast Yo: Stop you! Pay attention

Dungbie: Rear end of the ship

Shark Bait: If you’re made to walk the plank, chances are you’ll be shark bait. Also, a dying sailor whose body will soon be thrown into the sea

Clap of Thunder: A strong alcoholic drink

Landlubber: A person who is uncomfortable, or not incredibly skilled, at sea (considered as an insult)

Ch. 18:

Shoddyocracy: People who get rich selling shoddy merchandise or services.

Ch. 20:

Meater: Coward

Ch. 31:

Va au Diable: Go to hell

Salud: You bastard

Ch. 33:

Je suis désolé: I’m sorry

Ch. 34:

Lâches: Cowards

Bâtards: Bastards

Ch. 39:

Ne me remercie pas: Don’t thank me

Ch. 44:

Au Revoir: Goodbye

Retrouve en Enfer: See you in hell


WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, mental disturbance, strong language, and mature events. Enjoy, and may you dive into the unknown and find your new oxygen.


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