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~Chapter Thirty- The Battle for Sotra~

~Chapter Thirty~


~Later that Night~

Night falls, and the spotlights around the perimeter of the base shoot beams of light through the darkness. Miro’s army is to the east, trampling the ground between us, but through the dark, they can’t be seen. Not yet.

Everyone waits for final orders from Raul... but nothing comes. When we go to find Raul, he’s missing. Everyone begins to search for him, but we can’t track him down. No one has left the base today in preparation for battle, Raul has to be in here somewhere!

The Colonel of Sotra takes charge in Raul’s absence, “General Rios has given us our orders, we just need to follow them.”

Everyone takes their positions. Tanks take point just outside of the base; soldiers are manned all across the eastern and southern perimeter walls. I’m placed with Ilyana’s forces on the Eastern wall, each of us equipped with Survival Suits. Soldiers are tense with anticipation, gripping their rifles excessively tight.

Soldiers line the perimeter to maximum capacity, with others prepared to supply them with ammunition or take their place. They fight in defense of the system of Population Control and a promise of future prosperity for our country.

Ilyana and I look over the perimeter wall through the dark. I’m sure it was Arturo’s plan to attack in the middle of the night like this. We can hear Miro’s army advance through the dark. Those who fight in defense of those endangered by Population Control, and for a future where people like Eugenio won’t want to be afraid.

I don’t want anyone to die on either side.

Ilyana taps me, “Are you alright?”

My nerves must’ve been showing. “I’m fine. I wish no one had to die though,” I say honestly. Maybe that’s a silly thing to say right now.

Ilyana pauses, “It’s Miro and his followers fault. They just can’t accept that we need Population Control. This will keep going on as long as Miro is alive.” Ilyana touts. She isn’t the only one of that mind. Raul and so many others think the same way.

We just need to push back Miro’s army. If we can force him to retreat, the fewest people have to die that way. If I get the chance to capture Arturo, I might be able to convince him to surrender, and the war can end without him having to be killed. Then the fighting will finally be over.

Ilyana and I clasp our hands together for just a moment before returning our attention to the coming fight. There is a spark in the darkness. A missile emerges from it and comes our way. I grab Ilyana and pull her away from the wall. The missile strikes near us, knocking both of us to the ground.

Our forces return fire, and the air is packed with the sound of gunfire, explosions, and screams. Muzzle fire fills the air, and I struggle to hear anyone. Ilyana might be trying to tell me something, but I can’t make it out over the noise. She helps me up to my feet and makes her way back to the perimeter wall, and I follow.

Flares are fired eastward and reveal Miro’s forces and their ebon uniforms. Their army has their own tanks christened black to match the rest of their forces. Missiles fly from our base at Miro’s tanks.

I take point along the perimeter and fire down on their army. A soldier right next to me falls over after being struck. I kneel next to them. They’re still alive. I motion them to the center of the base, trying to tell them to fall back for now. They get my signal and plod away, with another soldier filling their position. I feel several bullets hit the shoulder of my Survival Suit.

If a missile or explosive strikes close enough to me, the Survival Suit won’t be able to protect me. I hope Arturo doesn’t get struck out there either. The quicker this ends, the fewer have to die.

The burst of energy from the start of the battles becomes less relentless and becomes more calculated. That, or I’m beginning to become accustomed to the chaos. Miro’s forces are adjusting their formation in small ways to better handle their attack, and those inside the base do the same.

I see an explosion to the south. Just like Raul anticipated, Miro had reserve forces waiting in the jungle to attack from the south. Fortunately, he prepared for that.

A group of soldiers approaches from behind to assist in defending my position. I notice them staring at me - they don’t seem to be firing either. The big one among them grabs me from behind, wraps his giant arms over mine, and picks me off of the ground. The others that came with him rush over to me, reaching for my helmet. I deliver a strong kick to one of their jaws, knocking them away briefly.

When another soldier separates from their group to come to my aid, they shoot him. Damn it! These are spies of Miro! They’re probably just aiming to incapacitate me. Arturo wouldn’t want me to be killed.

I try to outmuscle the man picking me off the ground, but he’s strong. Stronger than me. One of them tries to tear my helmet off again. I wrap my legs around their head and pull them in. I use the spy as surface to push off of in order to knock the big one holding me off balance. He falls over and lands on his back. At that moment his grip loosens just enough for me to break free.

I unsheathe my dagger and slice at him, keeping him off of me. The other one tackles me, giving the big guy a chance to close in again and pin me to the ground.

Bullets strike all around us, killing the spies trying to capture me. I look up and see someone in a Blue Survival Suit in a stance where her back foot pivoted away. Ilyana.

She pulls me to my feet again and away from the perimeter wall towards one of the barracks. Just far enough that we can speak over the terrible sound of gunfire.

“Those guys turned on me suddenly!” I yell, trying to be heard over all the noise, “I’m sure they’re with Miro!”

Ilyana nods, “You’re not the only one. It happened a few other times already. Who knows how many of Miro’s guys are inside now? I need you to start hunting them down on the inside. I’ll have the other survival suit soldiers do the same.”

I begin eyeing soldiers inside the base, looking for anyone suspicious. Word was spreading around that there are traitors around, and attention is divided between the army outside, and enemies hidden within.

A bright explosion ignites around the southern gate of the base. The explosion appears to have come from the inside. The colonel orders us to reinforce the entrance. Hundreds relocate within the base towards it, and we’re met by gunfire by soldiers donning black and white. The spies inside the base must’ve let Miro’s army in.

Heading Miro’s forces were soldiers in Survival suits painted black, unaffected by our returning fire. I tap the pistol on my hip. Raul told me it could pierce Survival Suit Armor. I hadn’t intend to use it, but I don’t think I have a choice now.

While the other military soldiers fall back, I stay in clear sight of two of Miro’s Survival Suit Soldiers. They look at one another and approach together, lowering their weapons. They know weapons won’t do good against me, so they intend to grapple with me instead. I wait until they’re too close to run away.

I raise the gun Raul gifted me and aim it square at one of their chests. As I pull the trigger, the gun kicks back, releasing a plume of smoke as the bullet leaves the chamber. T chest of the Survival Suit cracks open and blood leaks out of the soldier. They fall to the concrete of the base.

The other flinches and impulsively runs away. I take aim... but let them go. As more of Miro’s army floods the base, I holster the gun and retreat.

Military soldiers take positions at one of the many barracks and try to hold Miro’s army back there, but it doesn’t seem to be any use.

Then I spot him. A black-cloaked figure in an ebony helmet arrives, surrounded by several other Survival Suit soldiers donning black. It’s Miro. Arturo. They have a determined gait, as they head deep into the base, away from the bulk of the battle.

I take the armor-piercing gun in hand. I’d never use it on Arturo, but maybe it could serve as a threat? If I could capture him and have him surrender, the battle will be over. No one else will have to die on either side. Then we could all leave the country together. All I need to do is capture Miro.

I follow after Miro’s entourage of Survival Suit Soldiers, staying out of sight. Others try to intercept Miro, but they’re swiftly brought down. As I follow them and get farther away from the primary battle, everything becomes quieter. Still horribly loud, but less so.

Miro’s entourage enters the empty administrative district of the base. Miro heads directly to the building where meetings would be held between the high-ranking officers. Miro and half of his escorts enter the building, while the rest stay outside to stand guard. Why did they come here? It doesn’t matter, he’s trapped himself inside the building. I ready the armor-piercing pistol and approach.

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