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Chapter Two

23rd June 2048:

A huge crowd gathered at a bookstore, somewhere in Winden. It was the release date of “ Enigma ”- a new book by the bestselling author in the town.

"Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the best story teller of today's date, our all time favorite- Mrs. Hannah Scherbatsky !!!" - the host's announcement made the crowd burst into applause.

"So ma'am would you like to tell us a little about your new book?"

Hannah took a deep breath. She was about to launch her 12th book. Her dad was sitting in the first row, cheering and clapping. The huge crowd was waiting to hear from their favorite author H. Scherbatsky. Dreams do come true, don't they?

She started-

“ This is the story of my friend, whom I met at a very strange time of my life. I was just five when I decided what I want to be in life — a writer and ten years later I was about to give up on that dream, completely. It was when he appeared, like some angel from the heaven and told me-' you were born to tell stories my friend, don't give up, not now, not ever'...and guess what I didn't give up. He hadn't been there for me then, I don't know if I'd stand here, on the stage, before all of you. He came into my life, made it better and left, without a word, without a “Goodbye “. He was a mystery, an "enigma " that I guess I'd never be able to understand. I don't know where he went, I don't know where he is today. I just know that I owe him too much. Maybe I could never pay him back, but I want to keep him alive, awake in my writing, my words ,and so- I dedicate this book to him. He once told me that a writer can make someone -"Infinite", can make them live Forever ...wherever you're today, see, I've made you Immortal, Infinite in my book, in my words.. Hope you all will show love to my new book. Thank you”

Hannah's eyes glistened as she put down the mike and sat down to sign copies.

People waited in long queues with their copies. Some clicked pictures with her while some took her autograph.

A lady in a red dress came forward with a little boy with her-

“Ma'am, I can't even express how happy I am today to have finally met you. Here's my son, he's just eight years old but a great admirer of you-”

The little boy seemed nervous and smiled shyly-

“ Am your biggest fan on Earth, I've read all of your books, am-

Can you please write something for me?”

He took out a blue glitter paper out of his pocket and placed it before Hannah. There were six fingers on his left hand.

Hannah felt like she had some kind of déjà vu. She took the paper and asked

-” Sure, your name?”

-“Mike Ryder”.


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