The Breeders

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It didn’t take long for Mars and Venus to get out of the breeding tank, much to the relief of Venus. Mars and her friendship, unfortunately, severally suffered from Danielson’s threat. The more Venus pushed him away the more things became awkward and strained between them, but it didn’t change her goals. Being out of the breeding tank allowed her to act upon her plan.

She as she thought out her plan she knew she’d be risking Cas and Mars’s lives if it imploded on her, but she knew that Danielson would just keep using them to bend to her to his will and she knew that they would rather risk their lives than use them as pawns. She couldn’t tell Cas or Mars what the plan was. She needed to keep as many people out of it for their protection. She didn’t want them starting to act strangely and drawing attention to them.

Venus would start having weekly exams with the female medic that was assigned to her to make sure the fetus was healthy and growing and the host was a healthy vessel for the baby to grow in. Venus more times than not, ended up with the Medic named Pepa, who on more than one occasion, showed that she saw the Breeders as more than just property of the Cube. She hoped to use that to her advantage and hoped it wouldn’t get her and her friends killed.

On her first visit to the medic, Pepa, she needed to start her plan. She knew that Pepa cared for the Breeders and she was hoping to use that against her.

“Hop on up,” Pepa smiled as she pats the exam table.

Venus did as she was told and Pepa started her examination but checking her eyes and ears, “How have you been feeling?”

“As well as can be expected,” Venus answered.

“Morning sickness?”

“No, just a little lightheaded and slightly dizzy.”

Venus wasn’t good at making friends. It wasn’t exactly one of the things they worried about in the informative years. Venus figure this part of her plan would be the hardest and not the actual escaping.

Even though she buried and hid her emotions away a long time ago she needed them now. She let out a heavy sigh.

“What’s the matter, sweety?” Pepa asked as she laid her tool down and started checking the glads under her neck to make sure they weren’t swollen.

“Nothing,” Venus sighed with as much pain and disappointment she could muster.

“It doesn’t seem like nothing. Are you feeling depressed?”

“Well, wouldn’t you be depressed?” Venus asked. “Knowing that the life inside you was going to be ripped out of your arms. A life that was made by you and someone you cared for.”

It was partly true. Venus didn’t like the idea of giving up a part of her and a part of her best friend. As soon as she said it she was surprised at how painful it was knowing that was going to happen if she didn’t get away soon.”

“I suppose I would,” Pepa admitted. Her eyes were filled with sympathy.

“Can I ask you something?” Venus inquired.

“Of course,” Pepa smiled.

“Why do you come to our defense? That morning that Mars and I saw you in that dark room. You were coming to our defense and you’ve stepped in for us several other times, why?”

Pepa paused and thought for a while, “I suppose it’s because of my brother. He’s like you, a hybrid, that what we call your kind outside of the Cube. He was a premade hybrid that was available for adoption. If they are stuck in their facility to long they are shipped to places like this. The day before he was going to be shipped out my parents came in and adopted him. He came so close to being a Breeder for one of these places and the thought terrifies me.”

“So he’s happy then? Living with your parents?”

Pepa’s eyes dropped to the floor and she didn’t seem to want to answer.

“What’s the matter?” Venus asked.

“No one lives a happy life, especially hybrids,” she finally told her.

“I don’t understand.”

Venus always assumed that the world outside was a utopia.

“It’s hard to explain, Venus. Just that even though you aren’t a slave to a corporation like you are a slave to something, and that something outside of these walls is the government that keeps these places in business. I shouldn’t be talking about it though, please don’t tell anyone what I’ve told you.”

“I won’t,” Venus promised.

Pepa gave her a small smile knowing she could trust the Breeder, “My brother ran away from home about four years ago. At the age of thirteen, all hybrids are required to serve in the military for as long as the military sees fit. To avoid being caught up in that he ran away with several other Hybrids and a few norms, people like me, that hadn’t been sterilized yet. They are enemies against the state now.”

“Where are they?” Venus asked truly curious about this gang of rebels.

“They move around a lot so that it’s difficult to find them. Peter tries to keep in touch as much as he can but half the time I don’t know.”

Venus’s shoulders slumped a little in disappointment.

“Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” she told her.

“I can contact him though,” Pepa told her, “he’s given me a way to keep in touch.”

Pepa waited to see what the reaction of the Breeder would be and when Venus’s eyes lit up she knew exactly what the young girl wanted.

“I know what you’re thinking Venus and I can’t strain enough how impossible that would be.”

Venus nodded, “It will be impossible on my own but if I had help-” she trailed off.

Pepa’s eyes grew wide, “Oh, Venus, there’s no way.” Pepa leaned in close to whisper, “I can’t sneak you out of here.”

“Not just me,” Venus whispered back, “I need Cas and Mars out of here too.”

Pepa shook her shocked and horror-stricken face. The idea of sneaking one Breeder out of the Cube was terrifying much less three.

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