The Breeders

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A maze of corridors led to where the heavily monitored breeding chambers.

The white floors called in white walls twisted and turned.

Mars kept looking at Venus growing more and more rigid with every step.

Muttered voices started to draw closer. When the round the corner the Cheif executive officer of the Cube, Mr. Danielson was walking side by side with a state diplomat.

He must have been very important because one of the medics gasped the moment she saw them.

“Aah!” Exclaimed Mr. Danielson, “Here are some of our breeders now.”

He and the statesman walked up to the medics and breeders.

The female medicine smiled and nodded. “Yes sir, they’ve just been paired and we are taking them to the breeding tanks.”

“Breeding tanks,” the stateman’s man asked, “you don’t artificially inseminate?”

Danielson smiled, “Statesman Simmens is here to observe our facility for a grant.”

He turned to Simmens, “No, sir, we don’t. Here at the cube, we offer a more natural approach to it.”

“It seems too risky and a waste of resources. Other clinics offer artificial insemination and the more advanced ones even grow the offspring in pods. Several offspring grew at the same time and less waste. Why would the Cube choose such a primitive method for their reproduction?”

“The Cube wants to offer our customers a more natural and organic approach. We have found that in the facilities that you are talking about, especially the pod facilities, that the offspring are cold and distance to their parents. Studies have shown that they have a hard time coping socially. We believe it is because it is left to machines to do the work. Here at the Cube human involvement is from conception to birth. Our offspring are more sound, stable, and more human than all of our competitors.”

Simmens nodded, “Interesting.”

“Would you like to observe the process?” Danielson offered.

Simmen's gaze bounced between Mars and Venus, before finally nodding, “Yes, I believe I would.”

The two men fell a step behind them. Once the were to their breeding pod Venus and Mars were ushered in.

“So exactly what us the process that will take place when the breeders reach the pods?” Simmens asked.

“Well first,” the female medic began, “we will register them into the pods. Then have the female take blood from the female to confirm she isn’t already pregnant to ensure the clients are getting the gene mixture they want. We will also take a urine sample to check her fertility levels. Just to give us a time frame of how long it will take.”

“So once they are inside the pods how do you guarantee that they know?”

“Breed? The breeders have twenty-four hours to get their first-round in. If they don’t it will result in punishment. The breeding pods are also well monitored.”

“You watch them then?”

“Just to make sure that they are breeding properly to ensure the quickest fertilization,” she told him.

“How long does it usually take?”

“It depends on the breeders,” Danielson pipes in. “Some take longer than others. But, actually, subject 08192051, is the best breeder we have. She is quickly fertilized and she’s already had a couple of sets of twins.”

Be us shuttered. She hated to be talked around like she wasn’t even there, but it was especially bad when her supposed attributes were being listed off

“I suppose that upset her price then?” Simmens asked

“Yes,” Danielson said “among some other things. The price of our breeders is based on fertility, physical attributes, and intelligent levels.”

“So what sets your breeders apart from other companies?”

“Like other companies, we started the same way. We bought several on the genetically enhanced fetuses. Several volunteers carried them for us and then we brought them to this facility. As you know testing has shown that the enhancements carry on to the next generation but only if they are parked with others that are also enhanced. To ensure no cross-contamination we keep our breeders here.”

“So do all the other facilities, Danielson. What I’m not convinced of is what you offer and the price. You’re offering a more natural process but yet they cost is ten times the amount of other facilities.”

“Dirty, beg your pardon, but the more high tech facilities down require nearly as much manpower as the Cube does. Several staff members are medics to keep not only the breeders healthy but the natural pregnancies healthy as well.”

“It all seems so...barbaric,” Simmens stated.

The group had finally reached the pairs breeding tank where Venus and Mars were shuffled in.

The female medic showed Venus into the bathroom and handed her a cup for Venus to fill with a sample.

In the bathroom, there were always two doors one that left to the breeding tank and the other to the monitoring station. That door was always locked and when the medics came in to get the test samples they needed they were able to control the door lock on the breeding tank. This was to ensure that there was no unexpected escape.

Venus thought it was odd that there were extra precautions in this area of the Cube and wondered if an exit to the outside world was nearby.

The medic did a quick pregnancy and ovulation test. The pregnancy test came back negative and the fertility level was low. The medicine tsked to herself.

“I was just turned over to rotation after incubation. I can’t imagine getting pregnant again anytime soon,” Venus reminded her.

“But yet you were pregnant with twins right after your previous round,” the medic sneered.

The medic usher her back out into the room and told both of them to strip down.

It was customary to give both male and female breeders a quick health exam before they process to check that everything was functioning well.

Mars seemed reluctant but Venus stripped like she was instructed.

“They both seem to be in good health,” Simmens stated as he gawked at Venus.

The old man’s gaze infuriated Mars. Normally he didn’t care what happened to or what others thought of his partner, but Venus was different. They weren’t just paired for breeding purposes. Venus was his dear friend and he felt protective of her.

“It is something we pride ourselves on. Healthy breeders grow healthy babies.”

“So do we just stand here and watch?” Simmens asked.

“Oh no,” Danielson chuckled, “There is a room the medics sit in to monitor them. Would you like me to show you?”

Simmens nodded and glanced back at Venus one last time before they both left the room.

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