The Breeders

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Venus tickled the palms of Mars’ hands causing him to pull back, and lose their little made up game.

“Gotcha,” she teased.

“That is cheating. You shouldn’t be allowed to touch unless you’re slapping the top of them,” he complained.

“That wasn’t part of the rules,” Venus reminded him.

“I think we need to remap out rules for this game.”

Venus laughed and held up her hands palms down for her turn, “It’s a pretty simple game, Mars. Don’t be a sore loser.”

Mars place his hands under hers, palms up waiting to catch her by surprise so he could slapping the tops of her hands.

After several failed attempts he finally gave up with an aggravated sigh, “I’m so bored. Won’t they let us out in the courtyard?”

Venus shook her head, “No, not until we, do you know what. Haven’t you ever realized that?”

“No,” he told her, “with others we usually take care of getting that business out of the way soon after breakfast. Don’t you usually want to get it over and done with?”

Venus shrugged, “Not really, I dread it so I just put it off as long as I can.”

“Huh, I never realized how different we were.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” she laughed.

“No, not at all. I think we compliment each other nicely, is all.”

“Agreed,” she smiled, “I help fill in your shortcomings.”

“And I help fill in yours,” he added.

Venus chuckled, “Well, you would if I had any.”

Mars, “Oh, hahaha. little miss perfect.”

“I better be perfect,” Venus mumbled, “I cost enough. Or at least my eggs do.”

“Zero-eight-one-nine-twenty-fifty-one, please take and turn over your required test,” a voiced called out over the intercom system in the pod.

Venus shifted on the bed as she said, “Playtime must be over.”

It was time for ttheir mirth to end and the duties of the cube to begin again.

“We must be getting close to the end of the day,” Mars stated looking toward the speaker. They weren’t completely visible to the eye. Just small holes in the corners that let the sound through, but enough time in the breeding tank caused many of the residents to know every centimeter of the room.

“We haven’t bred yet either. I’m sure they’ll be asking for us to get it over with soon,” Venus pointed out. They had only bred once since being in the tank and even though it wasn’t a horrible experience it was still the same. The same purpose to end in the same results.

“Please don’t state it like that,” Mars groaned.

“State it like what, getting it over with?”

“Yeah,” he sighed.

“What?” Venus giggled as she slipped off the bed and head for the cabinet were the test laid. The Cube preferred the test first thing in the morning for more accurate results. Just out of spite she usually put it off as long as she possibly could.

“You just make it sound like it’s bad or something,” a subtle blush settled on Mars’ cheeks

Venus grabbed the test out of the cabinet before turning to look at him. Her face scowled into a dubious frown.

Mars’ face grew redder, “Nevermind, just forget it. Forget everything I just said.”

Venus was amused by Mars’ discomfort at first, “I’m just trying to figure out what has you so embarrassed.”

“I’m not embarrassed,” Mars lied.

“Sure you’re not. That’s why your cheeks are the same color as the jello I had at lunch,” she teased.

“Oh, leave me alone,” he grumbled.

“Did you think that I was insulting your...preformance?” Venus asked.

VenusShe had hit the nail on the head. She never thought it mattered how it was done as long as the deed was actually done. Venus didn’t know it was humanly possible to turn the shade of red that Mars had turned. It wasn’t just his cheeks anymore, but the blush had spread across his entire face and down his neck.

“Geeze, V! Just drop it, okay?”

If Mars could have left to room to avoid anymore embracement he would have, but he couldn’t. He was stuck in that sterile white prison with her.

“Mars I didn’t mean anything personally, I swear.”

“It’s fine, V.”

She couldn’t figure out why he seemed so upset. She couldn’t find any joy or pleasure in the position they were in. They were no better than show dogs of good breeding. The more she tried to talk to him about it the more aggravated he seemed and closed himself off to her.

She quietly set the used test back on the self for the medics to take from her. Mars had rested his head on his folded up knees.

She crossed the room and curled up next to him to whisper in his ear, “Remember Tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow holds our freedom,” he whispered into his knees.

Venus nodded with a smile, “Exactly.”

Mars sat up and sighed. Without thinking, Venus leaned in close to him and rest her lips gently on his.

Mars pulled back in shock, “What are you doing?”

Kissing was strongly frowned upon, among hundreds of other rules in the Cube. The Cube wanted their Breeders to breed, but kissing implied affection, affection lead to attachment, attachment lead to relationships, and relationships caused trouble.

Venus was shocked within herself to let her emotions to take that much control over her body. The kiss was meant to comfort a friend. Mars’ fingers rest on his lips where hers were just moments before.

“I-I’m sorry,” she studdered out.

“Screw it,” Mars breathlessly said before cupping her face in his hands and kissing her passionately.

Venus’ heart practically jumped out of her chest. The sensations inside of her were completely new to her. It was like warm water had rushed through her veins and the more he gave to her the more she wanted from him.

The worries of what consequences that might follow the display of affection they were showing each other escaped her thoughts. The shower of kisses he was giving her was the only thing that seemed to occupy her thoughts. She was lost in their passion and for a moment she completely forgot where they were. For a moment, they both felt free.

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