The Breeders

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“Well, you can’t just take one breeder without the other,” Pepa nervously chuckled, “it’s against company policies.”

A Curator has barged into their office near the end of her and Felix’s shift the following morning demanding to take Venus out of the breeding pod. Curators were the security of the Cube. They were rare to see because they weren’t often needed, but when you did see them they always brought a sense of dread.

“Mr. Danielson only wants the female,” the Curator replied in a deep demanding voice.

Pepa was confused and flustered. Nothing like this was ever heard of before. Danielson didn’t ever want to see a Breeder and Breeders were always to remain in pairs until fertilization had occurred.

She was about to argue again but before she could Felix jumped up to cut her off, “If that’s what Mr. Danielson wants then who are we to argue.”

The Curator nodded and headed for the door that separated the media room from the breeding pod.

“Oh, let’s use the other door in the hall, please. The Breeders don’t know this one exists and we’d rather not clue them in unless there is an emergency,” Felix told him.

Venus was still sound asleep wrapped in Mars’s arms when the two Medics and the Curator barged into the room.

The two shocked teens watch the Curator walk toward them and grabbed Venus by the arm dragging her from the bed.

“There’s no need for force!” Pepa cried. “Venus will come with you without a fight if you just ask her.”

The Curator didn’t seem to hear or care and dragged the girl toward the door.

“At least let her get dressed!” Pepa yelled and grabbed on to Venus’s other arm to stop the Curator.

“I would watch myself, Medic, if I were you. You’ve been just slipping under our radar with comments that you’ve made about the company. Mr. Danielson has ordered that I get the girl and bring her straight to his office without delays.”

“I highly doubt he wants her in his office completely naked,” Pepa growled picking up Venus’s clothes from off the floor and handing them to her. “And I’m not going to let you parade her through this place like this. I don’t care if I do lose my job.”

Venus quickly threw her clothes on and glanced at the confused Mars who was pulling on his own pants.

“It’s not your job you should be worried about,” The Curator whispered to Pepa before grabbing the now clothed venus and ripping her from the room.

“Wait!” Mars called out trying to follow but Felix stepped in his way doing his best to push him back.

The door shut quickly behind Venus cutting Mars from her sight.

Venus trembled in the Curator's grasp. She had never seen one so close. the only time she had was when they walked across the top perimeter of the concrete wall that separated the facility from the outside world. She had heard of Curators coming into the pods of Breeders that were trying to escape, and stealing them away in the night to never be seen again.

The Curator that had ahold of her was twice her size and unlike Medics who are dressed head to toe in white like everything else in the Cube, the Curator was clad in all black. like a spot of darkness in a world of white.

He never let go of her arm as he forcefully led her through parts of the Cube she had never seen before. The facility was much bigger than Venus could have ever imagined.

They approached a set of steel double doors with a red light over the top.

The Curator stood her in front of the door and demanded her not to move as he walked over to an electronic keypad on the wall next to the doors. He used his own body as a shield between the keypad and Venus so she wouldn’t see the password he plugged into it.

Light above the door turned green and the Curator grabbed her arm again and pushed through the doors dragging her with.

On the other side of the doors, the cold white plastic tiles turned into a low pile carpet, desks and cubicles neatly positioned throughout the room as men and women worked. It felt like they weren’t even in the Cube anymore. The atmosphere had changed so much.

The sight of Venus entering the room had caught a few workers' attention and they watched in wonder as she was dragged through the office building.

The Curator took her down a long hall where a woman sat at a small desk. She was bent over a stack of papers and didn’t notice that they were there until they were standing directly in front of her. Her large think glasses had slid down her nose and her dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a neat bun with a few forgotten pencils poked through it.

“Oh,” she said when she looked up to find two people standing in front of her. “How can I help you?”

“I’ve brought Breeder, zero-eight-nineteen-twenty-fifty-one, that Mr. Danielson requested.” The Curator informed her.

“Right, of course,” the woman smiled. Venus noticed that the woman’s focus never seemed to drift from the Curator and that she was extra fidgety than she was before they showed up.

“He was expecting her to show up soon. You’re a little early. Mr. Danielson isn’t in the office yet but he should be here soon,” she told him. She got from her desk, “You can either wait out here with her or leave her inside the office.”

The woman leaned up against her desk in hopes to look a little sexier, but the attempt was foiled when she knocked over a cup of pens and pencils that sat on her desk, “Damn.” Venus heard her whisper as she bent over to pick up the mess.

The Curator didn’t make any attempt to help her and only stepped away from the cascade of pens and pencils on the floor.

“I’ll just leave her in the office. Make sure she doesn’t leave until I’m called to come and get her,” he ordered.

“Yeah, of course,” she assured him.

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