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The area was rachel, nevada a place where unidentified flying objects and saucers are reportedly seen and also the site of the infamous Area 51. Yes, it is infamous to me as a celestial, I could be used for almost anything if caught.

Scifi / Action
Adeyemi peter
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It was dark and cold. tinnitus running through my ears I opened my eyes and sighed, giving rise to ripples in the liquid nitrogen. Being inside tubes isn't new to me it happens every time. If I ever get off this planet I will definitely rally up an army, screw this mudball of a planet. It has been eight years since my ship crashed in Rachel, Nevada following the "MF34" asteroid which is now a meteorite that crashed into the earth. killing a civilian and two animals, I couldn't hide my ship here in the wasteland but I could conceal myself. I crouched next to the bleeding civilian, his arm was gone probably by the sharp reactor sheets. I searched for his life force and there it was, fading into the dark. he was just a teenager I could see fishing gears by his side, he was an African-American fisherman. I placed my illuminated hands on his forehead taking his form, I searched his memories probably to get information about the surrounding area. he seemed to have a very simple life he was the only son of his sick mother. He was trying to provide for his family and I killed him in the process, in guilt I took his form and his whole memory.

The area was Rachel, Nevada a place where unidentified flying objects and saucers are reportedly seen and also the site of the infamous area 51. Yes, it is infamous to me as a celestial I could be used for almost anything if caught but it would be pathetic wouldn't it?, humans against a celestial, I laughed. Well, I guess this tally with my arrival. I should be heading home by now, mum would be displeased if I am late.

“Mum! I’m home” I yelled, she covered her ears with her hands. “how many times have I told you not to shout like that Khalid” she replied, calmly. “I am sorry mum” I replied. “so, what kind of fish did you find today?” she asked her hands on the armrests of her wheelchair. I looked at her she seemed anticipatory, I totally forgot about the fish but, it wasn't a problem for me,I closed my eyes trying to make the picture of a bucket full of fishes out side the door. “It’s outside mom” I answered. “Let me have a look” she said. I held the push handles of her wheelchair giving her a boost, I opened the door and behold it was there. A stainless bucket filled with tilapias. “Woah!” She said her eyes wide opened. “Where did you get this?” She asked “did you steal it?” She asked again. “no mum” I held her hands I could see built-up fat slowly closing her coronary artery. I could feel her life force fading, she won't make it to the next morning, she would depart tonight I dropped her hands “don’t you trust me”? I asked forcing a smile. “The lake just seemed to side me today”.
we were having fried fish and bread for dinner at the fireplace. “you know this is the best catch you've had since your father died,” she said her eyes fixed to the red crust of the wood charcoal, “mum don’t bring this up again” I replied holding her hands. “Okay....okay, I won’t I promise I won’t cry” she blurted out sobbing, I held her close till she slept on my hands. I laid her down at the fireplace. I went into the bedroom trying to find the bed sheets I could see her family picture hung on the rail, her husband was a young black American with plaited hair and in a sailor uniform I returned to the sitting room with the sheets in my hands. I placed my illuminated hands on her chest closing my eyes, I healed her and added more Lifeforce from mine to hers. I have to leave tomorrow morning to report the vessel to area51 as a citizen in disguise, it wasn't my ship I rented it.
“Oh my God! Jesus!” I heard her screaming from her room, I dashed into the room where she was up from her wheelchair she gasped. “the drugs from the doctor must be paying off” she laughed. “I am happy for you mum,” I said happily. obviously, the drugs weren’t doing anything they were just making things worse. “I believed I’ll walk again and it happened. I stood there smiling at her I proceeded towards the door. “Off to the lake?” she asked. “Yeah, mum” I replied.

there were signs everywhere "stop", I read aloud "it is unlawful to enter this area without permission of the installation commander". What is an installation commander? I asked myself. It sounds like someone in charge of something. “Hey! Didn't you read the signs?” a man in an army uniform exclaimed in his cocky voice aiming his gun at me. “excuse me I would like to report......” his walkie-talkie beeped. “Do you read me...escort c-TB in.” Someone said over the walkie-talkie. “copy that” he replied, “Follow me” he beckoned to me. We didn't passthrough the entrance instead, he pressed a few buttons and pulled a lever, the ground opened beneath us. we slid into a niche with walls made with metals I touched the wall it was titanium. There was a door in front of us “Stand here” he ordered pointing to a round metal plate on the ground. I complied, after a number of beeping sounds the door opened. We entered into what seemed like a hallway filled with flying saucers and unidentified flying objects I could see the ship I leased hanging separately. He pulled out a little whistle from his pocket. “so what’s your report about?” A voice said from around the corner, a figure appeared from the open door, it was a man in his late 60s in an army uniform similar to the man with me but with badges and ranks on his. He was a bit muscular with a sunburnt exterior. “I am sorry for not introducing myself voyager, “the name is frank but you can call me commander” he said grinning.
Oh, he must be the installation commander I said to myself but, I wondered why he called me voyager I seemed human enough. “I’d like to report an incident which happened yesterday.... “at what time?” He interrupted. “4:15 in the afternoon sir” I replied. “Go on” he said “a lenodeon spaceship from the planet meterodon crashed few yards away from me when I was fishing, i tried moving closer but I wasn’t sure about what was in front of me. You know it might be hazardous so I went home” I snickered hoping I won't get caught. Their eyes met then he nodded giving a signal I really don't know what it meant I tried searching this body's memory but I couldn't find anything of such.
“This man will take you to the hanger where the ships are kept to identify the one you saw.” the general said arms akimbo. “this way ” the other man whom I had given the name "statue" because he just stood there while we were talking led the way to the nearest exit. “Put your fingers on this,” he said holding a device, I just wanted to keep the ship that’s all but this is getting weird, as soon as I laid my fingers on the device I backed away. The pain was severe I looked at "statue" demanding an explanation he looked away. The beeping sounds came again but this time with special effects the doors snapped shut, a glass cage hovering above me fell trapping me inside. “well well well I knew the alien would come back,” he said tearing his shirt revealing his badges just like the commander’s “surprise!” He laughed. “Wait, I don’t understand, what’s going?”I asked confused. “I am the commander not him he is just a disguise to trick extraterrestrials like you” he winked. “But the name is still frank” he added. “I am not an alien” I lied. “oh yeah? then how do you explain this!?” he exclaimed pulling out a stretcher in which there was a lifeless corpse he pulled the white sheets away revealing Khalid corpse, shit! I should have hidden it. “And again how did a commoner who spent his life here on earth knows about planets and space ships huh?”he asked folding his arms “alright dudes I'll come clean.” I surrendered.

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