Navigating the 12th Dimension

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You've made it to astral projection, but that was just the beginning.

Scifi / Adventure
Regee Yalyk
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Greeting Yourself

The very first time it works, you wake yourself up. It was worth it though, and you knew that. Breaking that one barrier was the only way to prove that you could at least do the damn thing. Everyone you ever talked to said it was just in your mind, but you knew something they didn't know: all the greats throughout history wouldn't have had anything to be great for unless they did it too.

So then, you tried again. And the night after that you try again. You continue trying every night again for a year. A full 365 attempts later, you still find yourself focused on that one spot; that idea; that moment. It was surreal.

Letting go eventually, giving up hope for the practice, you dip into the zone just before the astral; it's there and you remain calm. You feel it, since there's nothing to actually see with your eyes.

"Hello me," you transmit emotionally to yourself. Your physical body is there below you while you look down upon it simultaneously looking up at yourself. That's the point of injection, and you welcome yourself to the real fourth dimension. "I'll be back soon," you reassure yourself.

With that, you turn around and focus your attention on the task at hand. Time is not of any consequence here, but you do need to escalate the dimensions quickly before you wake yourself up.

There's only the small challenge of climbing from fourth to fifth, since you'd never actually made it here before. You opt to meditate while you're astral projecting, but end up awake, staring at the ceiling again.

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