Beneath Us (BL)

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Chapter 32

After their nightly sparring round, the two migrated back to the labs. Tian slid into one of the chairs beside Andrea, a young beautiful woman. She was around 22 years of age with fuzzy auburn hair and hazel eyes. She was kind, too, and loved to chat with Tian when RT wasn’t around. Unfortunately RT had followed him back, so she was frozen in place, staring up at the man.

It wasn’t that much of a shock that RT wooed girls without even trying, much like Axel. He just had to breathe in their direction and they were in love. He was gorgeous, after all. Part asian, part white, he had a little bit of everything. His skin was snowy white, and his almond shaped eyes held two of the most gorgeous grey eyes. His lashes were long and his gaze was always penetrating deep into the soul. Not to mention, his beautiful looks did no justice to his sinful body. At six foot seven, he was neither lanky or thin. His muscles were mouth-watering, and his large thighs were absolutely gorgeous. The man had abs so sharp they could cut rock and his chest was perfectly chiseled and defined. Tian had also caught the women checking out the man’s behind, but Tian had never been able to bring himself to look.

“Andrea, please stop staring at him,” Tian quipped with annoyance.

The woman shook her head, trying to hide the blush against her rosy cheeks. She slapped both cheeks before fanning herself. It stirred quite a bit of resentment deep inside Tian’s gut. What would all these women think if they found out Tian shared a bed with RT or just shared his first kiss with him? He chuckled to himself as the woman plopped back into her seat. An unknown sense of pride settled deep in his soul.

“Uh… he’s doing really well,” the woman stuttered, and Tian simply rolled his eyes.

“RT can you leave so she can tell me how the Kukouk man is?” Tian muttered and the man behind him obeyed easily. He slipped out the door to go find someone else to trail after like a dejected puppy.

“Can you tell me now?”

Andrea huffed, but nodded anyway. “His cell growth has increased in the past three days. Which means, he may actually get taller than what we initially planned. With your added DNA, the ‘instructions’ have been transferred over and his body is acting on its own. We don’t know when he’s going to be ready now, because we don’t know how big he’s going to get. He’s showing the first signs of both the bacteria in your gut and your white blood cells. Here, look at this culture we drew.”

She opened up a tiny fridge like contraption and pulled out one of the small dishes. The scientists called it a petri dish or something like that. “We’ve died the white blood cells a bluish color so we can see it against the other bacteria. Your own bacteria is dyed green, however, we haven’t combined the two yet. We’re still afraid the homeostasis that you’ve created won’t be replicated in him. However, the blood cells growing in his body have managed to attack 8/10 diseases we’ve introduced.”

“Is it up to human standards yet?” Tian questioned. The Kukouk man may never be able to reach his bill of health, however. Tian was fully functioning with both the bacteria and the white blood cells, the Kukouk man wasn’t.

“Not yet. See, the cells were able to fight off weaker Bronchiolitis, deluded Conjunctivitis, a diarrhea strand, mononucleosis, and a few more. However, when introduced to pneumonia, the cells and bacteria both died within the first 3-4 minutes. The last illness we introduced them to was the common cold, the most recent strand. And… as soon as it came into contact with it… the cells died and the bacteria was annihilated.”

“The biggest feat the Kukouk people had to overcome was the common cold, right?”

The woman nodded. “Exactly. Now, when we introduced your versions to it, the common cold didn’t stand a chance. So… somehow, the man in the tank dilutes the cells.”

“Maybe it needs a base to carry it over? Something that is more human? You grew the man from human cells, right? Maybe it just doesn’t recognize it?”

The woman tapped her pencil against the tip of her ruby red lips. “I didn’t think about that. But whose human cells would accept yours and vice versa?”

Tian glanced out the window of the tiny lab to RT’s stoic form. “I think I have an idea.”

The woman followed his gaze and squeaked. “It’d be like having your own child together! How romantic!”

Tian turned red. “No… stop that. I’ll go get him… just keep your mouth shut! He’s terrified of needles, so try not to get hurt.”

He got up from the chair and stalked all the way to RT. He grabbed the man’s arm painfully, dragging him back inside. Andrea smiled softly as Tian pushed him down in the chair. RT stared up at him with widening eyes. “Tian?”

“Shut up,” Tian snapped before grabbing a needle and waving it teasingly over the man’s arm. “I’m going to drain you of your blood.”

RT tried to wrestle his way out of the chair, but Tian’s grip was too strong. He stared at the needle fearfully, shaking all the way down to his boots. Tian couldn’t get RT stilled, and Andrea offered to help. However, Tian’s glare was strong enough to make her step back. Tian sat on the man’s lap, wrestling his arms out from their protective stances. He motioned for Andrea to stick the needle in as he wrestled RT’s arms into position.

“Don’t do this,” RT whispered fearfully, eyes widening comically as the needle got closer. One would think the needle was a blood sucking monster.

“It only hurts for a second,” Tian answered, using his free hand to drag RT’s face to his. Their eyes met and Tian held his gaze. “Breathe.”

RT stiffened underneath him when Andrea cleaned the juncture of his arm. He shook when the needle neared the skin. Every muscle in his body was drawn taunt. “I don’t like them!”

“RT,” Tian chided, tightening his grip. “You’re not going to die.”

“Chop my arm off and keep it, there’s enough blood there!” RT panicked. Tian sighed, grabbing his free hand with his own, and crushing it in a strong squeeze.

“It’ll be ok baby RT,” Tian sneered right as the needle dipped beneath the skin. And RT screamed bloody murder. He surged upwards, and Tian had to tighten his thighs around the man’s waist to hold him still. Both of Tian’s hands slammed to the head of the chair, digging into the material. RT couldn’t move against Tian’s impassable form. Tian was lodged on like a rock. RT panted beneath him, eyes wondering to the needle once more like a frightened deer. Tian drug the man’s chin back towards him. “Look at me. Don’t look at her.”

Tian’s eyes flashed gold, holding the man’s gaze finally. Andrea finally pulled away with a syringe full of scarlet. She was reaching out to grab a box of bandaids, when Tian eyed the pink. “The pink ones.”

Andrea looked up in surprise, along with RT. “What? You’re an asshole!” RT raged, trying to push away from the boy. However, Tian’s strength was that of ten men and RT was completely powerless to the smaller boy.

RT was finally let up with a cute pink band-aid and a dejected, abused puppy look. Tian could even imagine a bushy tail in between his legs. Tian scoffed as he patted RT’s shoulder and turned back to the lab equipment.

Andrea was already separating the blood on one of the spinning machines, while Tian leaned against the table to watch. He felt a weight on his back and he glanced up only to glare at RT. The man pouted, but put more weight on top of the boy. Tian glanced at Andrea briefly, but the woman was hard at work. Tian had to use both hands to keep the two of them up.

“What are you doing?” Tian whispered, looking back at the machine.

“Revenge,” RT answered. “You know I don’t like needles.”

Tian felt something wet brush against his ear. He froze, icy dread filling all of his available limbs. However, his heart skipped a beat before shooting excitement throughout his whole body. RT’s hands pressed to the table an inch from Tian’s on each side. He was completely engulfed in the man’s massive size. The fangs threatened to slip out once more and sink into the man’s arm. Tian bit his lip until it bled the more RT’s smell invaded his senses. So much pine. What did this man do? Roll in a forest everyday before he came to the Castle? Did he roll in it naked? His pale skin covered in mud and soot. And sweat.

“You shouldn’t be messing around RT,” Tian whispered under his breath. “I just stole a liter of your blood. You should be sitting down before I bite you.”

“Hmm, you used your strength against me,” RT answered comically with a twinkle in his eye. He licked a path up from the base of Tian’s neck to the tip of his ear. Tian shivered as fingers ran through his blonde hair. “For revenge, I’m going to kick start your hormones. I’m sure they’re raising now.”

Tian was frozen solid. Hands slid around his waist, pulling him further into the man’s solid chest. Tian’s eyes flashed gold pathetically as fangs started to slide from where they hid. “I’m warning you,” Tian breathed quietly, eyes flicking to Andrea’s busied form. “If you push me too far, I’ll bite you. Then both you and I will be incapcitated. I’ll learn how to use these things yet.”

RT had run him through his second puberty once before when Tian had awoken, crushing the bed frame in his hands. His strength raged and RT had had to grab his hands and hold them shut. It took everything in the man to stop Tian from breaking more things, the fear overwhelming him. Apparently, at 19, the Kukouk men became insatiable and uncontrollable. They bit, and they shattered most things. Tian’s 19th birthday was quickly approaching. Only a month out, and the second puberty was already hitting him. He could handle being around most people, but as soon as RT was within eye distance, Tian’s hormones flared. It was a hundred times worse than the first one. He could handle the morning wood and occasional hornyness. This was too much. He crushed anything within hand when RT got to close.

“It will start slowing down,” RT had said, dragging Tian’s face from his neck once more. The man was adamant about not letting Tian bite. Even though Tian had learnt that it’d be quite pleasurable for the both of them. His stomach squeezed when pleasure and RT were in the same sentences, but his hormones reacted differently. “You’re almost through the first stage.”

“What’s the second stage then?” Tian sobbed, digging his nails into his thighs. He’d just seen RT change, and he almost thought he would have had to chain himself down to stop him from going over to touch.

“Overflowing strength,” RT had answered simply, pulling his long hair over his shoulder to brush through. Tian had shivered, imagining what it’d feel like if it brushed against his burning groin. So soft, he could wrap his hardened nails around the plentiful strands and hang on. RT could never step back and Tian would have been able to bite.

Tian had slapped himself once more, feeling the same urges creeping up his spine. “I can’t wait for this shit to be over. Half the time, I have to stop myself from jumping you.”

RT had chuckled shamelessly. “Your hormones are trying to calm, just erase me from your head. If I let you ‘jump’ me right now, I’m afraid you’d crush all my bones into dust. Plus, it isn’t consent. Your body wants me, but you don’t. It’s ok, I understand.”

RT had said it so simply, but his ripped, chiseled body didn’t leave Tian’s head long into the night.

What Tian wouldn’t give to get the man topless, the one thing he’d never gotten to see. Rub his fingers over the tattoo.

It’d been two days since Tian had last tried snagging RT. His fangs sent overwhelming need throughout his whole body, it was almost impossible to stop it. RT had been kind enough to help him through, rubbing his hands up and down any of Tian’s exposed skin. It seemed that for now, that’d be enough to ease his nerves. Since two days ago, Tian was feeling incredibly better and more in control, now the bastard was kick starting the ache once more! He truly was a horrible man.

“Shameless bastard!” Tian raged, pushing back from the table with renewed strength. RT stumbled backwards right before Tian kicked him in the ass hard enough to send him careening to the floor. “Oh shit.” Tian cursed as he helped RT back to his feet.

“I didn’t mean to kick you that hard,” Tian replied honestly and Andrea sighed behind them. RT simply shrugged before disappearing out of the door in the pursuit of a snack.

A few hours later, Tian was awoken from his nap by a frantic woman. “Tian, you were right. LOOK!”

Tian rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he sat up in the chair. He glanced around the room quickly, but RT was nowhere to be found. Not even outside of the small lab. He shook his head to clear the thoughts from his head before looking at Andrea.

“I mixed and coated your cells with RT’s, and it worked! Not only did it work, but your cells increased and multiplied as soon as RT’s DNA was introduced!”

“That can’t be possible,” Tian scoffed. “What about the Kukouk man’s?”

“It’s the same. It strengthens the cells. Not as much as being introduced directly to you, but it still strengthened it considerably. I’ve never seen DNA do that, not even in a newly formed zygote. I bet you, if you ever directly absorbed his DNA, in whatever way you prefer, you’d strengthen almost twice more. It’s like you’re a magnet to his DNA! It’s really unique! Have you had any urges around him?” Andrea asked quizzically, glancing over at Tian. “Not even sexual urges, but any type! Your second puberty doesn’t appear to be behaving like it would with say, Maniar.”

Tian blanched at the thought of having ‘sexual urges’ towards such a man. A man! Tian shook his head desperately. However… there was that time when they were fighting… “I wanted to bite him. Still do. Uncontrollable at times. I almost have.”

“Bite him? Like human teeth or the Kukouk fangs? Well, they’re more like canines than fangs…”

“Big teeth,” Tian answered.

“That would explain a lot… Tian, do you realise the implication of that?”

Tian shook his head. However, he didn’t know if he wanted to find out.

“Just like the cells in the dish, RT is drawn to you. And you are drawn to him, it’s almost like its destiny! RT’s body would strengthen you the more you two… uh… well nevermind. He’s beneficial for your growth, and your body subconsciously recognizes that. Even once you’re done with the second puberty, you could still be drawn to the man. If you were a woman and got pregnant by him…”

Tian spluttered. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m just saying. If you ever had his child, that child would be even stronger than you Tian. It’d be a direct mixture of RT and you. That child could very possibly bend reality, on top of the spiritual world. The Kukouk people often believed in spirits, after all. You’re a wild card. You’re lucky you weren’t a woman or omo… How lucky! Don’t waste your chance with the big guy! He’s perfect! He’s every woman’s dream!”

“Don’t you guys condone homosexuality? The villages did, quite heavily too,” Tian questioned with a raised brow.

Andrea was shocked. “There’s something wrong with that? I thought it was normal? Well, in the Capital if you like someone from the same gender then you have the same rights. My sister married a gorgeous dark-skinned non-binary individual. And those two are just the sweetest! Oh, I wish I could have a romance like theirs!”

Tian pushed the girl teasingly. “Whatever you’re imagining, RT and I aren’t like that. As soon as I save my village and get everyone on the road, I’m going back home.We’ll part ways.”

Andrea sighed with a dejected shake of her head. Her auburn curls bounced. “You’re horribly blind Tian. RT is so obvious, if I were in your shoes I’d kiss him and power up. Saliva has DNA, after all. Hmm, but I’m not. He’s never going to get anywhere with you. Don’t worry though, you’ll have better control around him once you’re through this mess. You can eventually choose to absorb his DNA and strengthen or not, it’ll be better in the future.”

“Can you not talk like that. RT and I have a dark past. I still haven’t forgiven him for the people I’ve lost.”

“Oh Tian,” Andrea tutted as she peered into a microscope. Her slender fingers turned multiple dials on the device before she looked back at him. “He had no choice. You know how the Capital is, it wasn’t like he suggested your particular village. He can’t reject orders, he’s a captain. Captains don’t get that privilege. Ah, you just don’t know him well enough yet. He’s fun to be around when he’s not in his tough guy mood. It’s hard to think that he’s only 20 with so much on his shoulders. I wonder how he can stand?”

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