Beneath Us (BL)

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Chapter 52

You thought I would kill my best boy!!?!?!?!?!? SIKE


RT awoke with a stiff, aching body and a gasp. He was laying on a cold tray, hidden inside a metal box. He pushed at the top to no avail. Where was he? He was covered only by a mere sheet, and the bullet wound in his skull was still wide open, yet no blood seeped through.

RT kicked and thrashed, finally, breaking the door free. He wiggled his way out before falling to his knees on the cold linoleum. He gasped for air, clutching his chest desperately. He swiveled his head, taking in his surroundings with confusion. He recognized this place. He turned back around and touched the name plate. Wyatt Ragnar Taurin. Age 20. He tried to rack his brain in an attempt to figure out how he’d been locked in the morgue. And not just any morgue, but the same morgue where the king was kept until his funeral.

RT remembered dying. He remembered pushing Tian away and getting shot. He’d died, hadn’t he? His thoughts were interrupted by a loud commotion on the other side of the door before being followed by a gunshot. He drug his body behind a pillar, resting his back against it before the door slammed open.

“Where’s his body?” The Prince snapped, pushing the mortician towards the ice boxes.

“Sir, if we take the body out, it’ll start to decompose!”

“I don’t care, give it to me. The bastards shot him dead, but if I can’t have him alive, then I’ll have him dead!” The Prince raged, insanity seeping through his veins. “HURRY UP!”

The mortician reached the ice boxes only to freeze. “Oh no… oh no.”


“His body…” The mortician pointed to the empty gurney. “It's gone!”

The Prince raged, and suddenly a knife sprouted through the innocent man’s chest. “FIND HIM! If you don’t bring back his body, I’ll cut your heads off!”

Guards rushed in before quickly getting down to search every icebox or to sweep down the corridor. One guard peered around the pillar, but RT’s weak body was unable to run. The man stared at him in fear before grabbing him by his hair and dragging him to the Prince’s feet.

The Prince stared down at him with beady eyes. “So you’re alive after all. I guess Tian did one good thing. I thought he’d waste the chance on you” He squatted down and grabbed the larger man’s chin, dragging it up. RT was no longer the massive mountain of a man he once was. He grinned maniacally before turning to his guard. “I’ll make Tian wish you were dead.”

“How do you plan to do that? Your highness. We will surely see to it!”

“You must be completely human now,” The Prince sneered. “Meaning, you can feel pain again. I heard Tian killed the King. Wouldn’t that be a shame if word got out and he was punished? For you to be punished in his stead, drawing him to the castle to save you. Wouldn’t that be a shame? My people really did love the king. Do you think you could stomach 200 whips for the man you love? Would that be enough to lure your precious Kukouk in? Or are you so pathetically human that Tian wouldn’t even come to save you, now that you’re of no use.”

RT stared up at him in fear, unable to raise his numb limbs to push the man away. He was yanked up by his hair and drug out from the room with agonizing cries.

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