Beneath Us (BL)

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Chapter 54

WARNING WARNING WARNING MPREG. Ok. So keep in mind that Ne'igalomeatiga is not human. Its VITALITY important that Ne'igalomeatiga has Axel's child so mpreg is brief but important for book 2 and possibly 3 if i get the go ahead. (Book 2 already has 50 pages written lol)


“Bring him in here!” Tera hissed, dragging Axel through the living room. She cleaned the table off quickly before gesturing towards the surface.

Axel finally set Ne’ unconscious body down, stepping back. The shirt Tera had loaned him on the way back was filled with Ne’s blood, and it didn’t seem to stop. A large woman pushed her way through the other men.

“Amy, he’s sick,” Tera whispered and the woman pressed her hands against the boy’s neck.

“He’s almost dead!” She answered arrogantly, sweeping her hand over the boy’s dying body. “You brought a dead man to me? Can’t you see that this house is cursed enough?”

The house they were in was horribly depleted and leaning to the side pitifully. It was a two story, grimy old place set on the rock looking out across the sea. The grass grew up to the windows all around, any path long since lost in its wild array. The trees were tall and shady, covering everything in a deep shadow. It provided the perfect cover, keeping them safe. Mountains rose up on the far sides, protecting it from anything by land. However, the house groaned and swayed in the breeze. Even the stuff inside it was dated and old.

“Please,” Axel pleaded, grabbing the woman’s arm. “Tera said you were a doctor. She said you could help him.”

The woman sighed before glancing at her wife. “You and I will have a talk later.”

Tera nodded nervously. However, the woman pulled her hair up in a messy bun. “Get my equipment then. This boy is fading already.”

Tera was gone in an instant, messily looking for a large case. She wheeled it over before handing the handle to Amy. The woman started to search, pulling out a needle and bag. “Come here boy. Hold this bag out. Do you know what he’s sick with? I’ve seen this before, in a little girl.”

“Do we have to pump his stomach out?” Tera asked, but the larger woman shook her head.

“No, it looks like he’s already absorbed the poison in his system,” she replied quickly before pressing a needle deep beneath the boy skin. She hooked it to one of the monitors in the case, propping it up on the table. She studied it quietly, watching the numbers beep across the screen for a few seconds before sighing. She pulled the object out of his skin.

“What is it?” Axel hissed, grabbing the woman’s arm. “I don’t like that look on your face. What’s wrong?”

Amy rubbed the bridge of her nose in irritation. “His systems are crashing. By law of the Capital, I should be turning my back on him.”

“What do you mean? He’s not dead!”

“I know that, but he will be within the next hour. His numbers are so low, a corpse would have better chances.”

“You’re a doctor,” Axel spat before he turned back to the boy. “You have to help him… doctors help people!”

“You’re not governed by the Capital right now,” Tera added, grabbing the woman’s hands. “He’s alive right now, right here.”

“If he dies still, that means I’ve wasted materials on him that we didn’t have,” she snapped back.

The boy wheezed on the table, jolting as blood started to gush from his ear drums. It dripped down his nose more steadily. His skin was cold and clammy, sweat beaded on his brow and his fists were clenched tight.

“He’ll bleed to death or choke if we wait any longer,” Tera stated. And already, the boy’s blood was starting to blacken and congeal. Axel stood by his side, completely and utterly paralyzed as the boy let out one long gasp for air and his chest stilled.

“N-Ne’?” Axel stuttered in fear, but the boy finally gasped for air once more.

“He doesn’t have long. He doesn’t,” Tera begged. “He’s important, something tells me he is.”

Amy was on the fence. She’d spent half her life learning and practicing the laws of the Capitol when it came to medical care. If the case was too dangerous for operation, or the outcome wasn’t assured then they let the case go. Cancers to a certain stage were no longer treated. Accidents were only addressed if the person was conscious. The Capitol saved money that way and conserved resources that they would later need. The boy on Amy’s table was just like the many she’d faced in her past, where she had to turn her back and let them go. The chances the boy would pull through were low, poison burned its way through his veins and wrecked his organs. She closed her eyes and grit her teeth.

“Fine,” Amy spat, shaking her head as she pulled out her tools. “Tie his limbs down, I don’t have everything I need, but I’ll give it my best shot.”

“Thank you,” Axel whispered before helping Tera tie the boy down. “I owe you.”

“Just wait to see if he pulls through. I need you both out of here.”

☆ ☆ ☆

Amy finally emerged from the screen with a grim expression four hours later. Her eyes were tired and her shoulders slumped as she stepped towards the two. Her clothes were filled with black gooey blood, and her cocoa skin was streaked with the same goop.

Axel was on his feet immediately. He’d had to plug his ears as Ne’ screamed himself into exhaustion, his heart aching mysteriously. It had twisted sharply with each cry. “How is he.”

“Alive,” Amy whispered before stepping towards Tera. “We need to talk.”

She grabbed the woman’s arm and drug her outside. Once the screen door slammed shut behind them, she ran her hands through her messy hair. “He’s pregnant.”

“W-what?” Tera asked, shock twisting her expression. “You’re… sure? How? But…”

“While he was unconscious, I went near his stomach and he curled in on himself without thinking. He distributed signs of swelling in certain areas and I checked it… and the fetus is only a few days old, but it’s been protected and its alive and well.”

“If he’s pregnant… and he’s a guy…”

“Oh he’s definitely male, trust me. We have something quite unique on our hands.”

“Triton males were supposed to have disappeared. I’d heard the stories of them, but the babies born of Triton males are always exceptionally powerful. The Triton males are, too. More than the average person.”

“The father… if it's only a few days old, then the father may still be around. Right?” Tera commented. “Axel… what do you want to bet it's him?”

“I don’t bet. I’m going to go lay down for a while, but we should wait until the boy wakes up before we go shouting around that he’s got a child in him. We need him to know first before anyone else.”

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