Cressela - Twisted

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[ Book One of the Cressela Trilogy ] Amber Obscura was an orphan who had always felt different to the world around her - constantly searching for adventure, dreaming of something more, thinking of the seemingly unthinkables, with her grandfather as her only relative left. But when she comes across Cressela, hidden away in the depths of a nearby forest, Amber's life changes dramatically. Could she be able to restore balance to both her and Cressela's species? Could they manage to stop their twisted, psychopathic captor, Dr Insanis, from his lethal plans? And was meeting Cressela really just chance? ...That is, if you believe in chance.

Scifi / Fantasy
Mind Of Meesha
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𝕬uthor's 𝕹otes

Hi readers and authors ☺ Thanks for reading my first book of the Cressela trilogy, Twisted.

If you want some insight on the storyline and characters, a new book named Cressela - Index will be coming out soon, with information on characters, phrases and places you may not understand for this and the upcoming sequels.

This is the first book that I’ve made on Cressela and Amber, and I hope you enjoy getting into the dark fantasy/sci-fi tale as much as I did writing it! This is made for the dreamers and imaginative, to escape to the world of Cressela :)

Thanks so much for your time and support to everyone who has helped me bring my characters and story to birth!

Meesha Patricia ^-^

P.S. A shoutout and thank you to the illustrators of the images I’ve used as inspiration for the characters of Cressela and Cressela herself - beautiful artwork that should definitely be appreciated

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