Cressela - Twisted

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【 Before The Beginning 】

Never before has there been the tale of such mystery and chill of that of Cressela, the “byssus torta superno adinventionem facito”.

That’s “Twisted Unnatural Creations” in Latin. The name her abductor gave them.

But although every normal story comes to an end, that of Amber and Cressela’s may never rest.

This story starts at the very beginning, from when the psychopathic Latin scientist, Doctor Adriano Sanistri, first envisioned the creatures he wished to control. Twisted creations - with vivid black eyes, and with the palest skin; made from all elements, from deep into the earth to the dust shed by stars, and anything else you could possibly imagine. He was young and misunderstood, with lost, tangled connections of his family who were now relics of his past. He would stop at nothing to find his new species; travelling for miles, researching and thumbing through old, mystical books, disappearing for months at a time.

And after many years, the search was successful - though there was one issue.

The exotic breed was very sensitive, and with minds like no other, very hard to control. Should they be isolated, torn away from their families and left alone, an unknown fatal condition would repossess the conscience and personality, with no known way back to how it once was.

But he was pleased with his creatures and named them his Immortalems - Immortals, for a shorter version of their original name, the byssus torta superno adinventionem facito.

But every decision has its consequence, every action its comeuppance. So too did his new species - for although they had no proper purpose due to their relocation, they indeed shared human’s gift of free will, which only death dare steal.

Doctor Sanistri was overlooked as delusional, renamed as Insanis as a play-on from his original name, and his modified beings were accused as a threat to humans’ very existence. So he went into hiding, to a massively remote and abandoned island, still slightly radioactive from past nuclear spillages. There he stayed, and there he would have still resided - locked away along with his stolen species, in complete seclusion from the imperfections and confusion of the outside world.

I know not what this scientist did to the strange species, but one managed to escape, along with its family of two. Across the seas, past countless countries, until they eventually came to a stop, hidden in the depths of a large forest, shielded by thick, sturdy trunks and carpeted by damp mossy banks, surrounded by mother nature’s splashes of greens and browns. Years passed by, the forest’s leaves and trees gradually darkening around the inhabited area. Everyone was oblivious to Cressela’s now shocking situation.

That was until the orphan known as Amber Obscura stumbled across the Immortalem’s path.

So strange, how simple misadventures and circumstances can affect fate’s outcomes so immensely. Should she not have collided with Cressela... well, things would be very different for the twisted kind, who had more or less admitted their situation to be a lost cause.

So, I suppose that this story has somewhat started at the end - that is, if you believe in true, conclusive endings.

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