Cressela - Twisted

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As the man stepped closer into the dim illumination of the night, Amber felt shivers rush through her spine as she stared back at him, silent and aware. One of his eyes were blank, a silver, blind tint to his left eye, the other a golden green, the pupil small in its centre. His skin was a smooth caramel colour, but there were several burns and scars about his face and hands. His hair was discoloured and short, and he wore a dark, sagging gown in the fashion of a lab coat, trailing down past his legs to the ground. His eyes flicked from Cressela and Amber, eventually landing on Cressela. She fidgeted slightly, uncomfortable under his sinister, cool gaze.


His voice was almost a whisper; grating, slow, precise.

"You've changed so much since I last saw you. Never leaving your coetus' side... tell me, did the humans exterminate them, as I intended?"

Amber broke out of her still trance, looking over at Insanis in disbelief. Cressela looked up too, her mouth open slightly. Insanis smiled darkly, shaking his head.

"You really thought that I'd... I'd just let you go, hm? No no... what's the fun in that? You see, everything happening here... I see to."

"What are you talking about?" Amber found her voice, hate and anger in her tone. Insanis' eyes swept to her calmly.

"Child, my eyes are everywhere. Cressela leaves... her coetus, dead," he continued slowly, "the Delusion state occurs. And then, I assume... you stumble across her whereabouts. Curiosity overthrew your every common sense, did it not? You thought, perhaps, if you... a human, came with Cressela here... you could stop me from my doings. Take my army of bitter justice, and be rid of me?"

Then he grinned, and Amber's fists clenched, silently glaring at the insane inventor.

"What you missed," he went on, walking slowly around the room as he spoke, "is that I cannot be... tricked. Outwitted. Decieved. Betrayed. None of those words, those attempted actions, will harm me or my intents at all. In fact, you, girl, have just bought to me the last, ultimate pieces of the plan."


"Cressela," he answered, "her unique powers... she's not like the rest of her species, oh no. She has the power to do virtually... anything. She is not strong in one power, one element. And the other... is you."

Amber flinched, her jaw clenched.

"You cannot have come to me without... determination... strength... intelligence and," he said, looking straight at her.

"Power. You have it, a limitless amount. It fills your lungs," Insanis told her, grabbing the air in emphasis, "channels your thoughts! You have always been different. Because, you are."

Amber frowned, and Insanis instantly clicked his fingers, the silver snakes shooting over and sliding around Cressela and Amber's wrists, lightly puncturing them with their fangs. Amber bit her lip, determined to not show her pain, and tried to move her body.

She couldn't.

"Brennan," Insanis barked suddenly, and the boy standing behind them looked up, "you know where to take Cressela. As for you, girl... well, I have things to tell firstly. Things you will want to know..."

Amber watched Cressela being pushed away helplessly, and scowled at Insanis in anger, willing herself to move but failing.

"So much strength," he commented, and with a wave of his hand, the harsh grip that prevented her from moving loosened. She exhaled through her nose, still watching the man in front of her.

"Do you know what makes you so different, Amber?"

Amber looked up in alarm.

"I... didn't tell you my name."

"You didn't need to. I know who you are. I know... what you are. The only girl you can be."

Insanis walked over to the sliding doors, pushing them in, and they immediately turned round, a large, dark chair swinging round. He sat down, eyeing Amber.

"Your father worked for me. I knew him, from quite a young age. Always curious, imaginative... a great addition to my ideas, my inventions. I believed, I could solve all of the problems governments had to conquer. He was the only man I trusted.

"But, the day after my public rejection, he discovered a formula I added to create Cressela's species. I told him my plans. And he disagreed. He didn't see things eye to eye. He looked at me like the rest did. Insane. Your father took the formula... and tried to escape.

"Of course, he did. But not after spilling it over his skin, which, of course, it absorbed. I tracked him down to a remote location after some years, and sent an army to fight against the people and seek power. He did, just like I wanted... but not before your fully human mother gave birth to you, and died."

Amber's eyes were wide, threatening to water. Insanis shook his head, his expression completely clear of guilt.

"You have part of their formula inside you. But it works differently, to say... blood. You cannot extract it... you must believe in it. And you... believe... in everything.

"So, now I have you, with your powers, and my Cressela... I have the finishing touches. You, along with my army of revenge, will be made Delusional. You will be set free on the world... and humans... will be... no more. Exactly as I promised."

Then he laughed, Amber shocked and spellbound as his words played back in her head. She snarled in fury, throwing bullets of electricity to him - but he held his cloak to his face, and the bullets bounced off, hitting Amber and causing her to fall unconscious.

Insanis shook his head, still laughing.

"Brennan. Take her to the cages. Where the rest are. And then, you will go there yourself. It is time... to unleash... my dark weapons of victory..."

(A/N - Little shorter this time, but there'll be a whole lot more to come :D)

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