Cressela - Twisted

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• Cressela - Reborn • BONUS CHAPTER

I’ve been getting used to myself, in a way. Getting used to my reflection, getting used to who I am.

Like my dark, coal-black waves instead of my natural soft ginger-brown locks. And my bright, grass-green eyes instead of soft hazel. Freckles that stand out even more on my pale skin.

And the Peregrinus energy that I feel charged and sparking inside of me, filling my senses and boosting my confidence.

Obscura means dark in Latin, apparently. Dark isn’t always a bad thing, I suppose. It can mean many things. How you use it is the main point though.

Insanis used his dark imagination and power in the wrong way. And he got his comeuppance too - after all, every decision has its consequence, every action its comeuppance.

And so did mine. So did Cressela’s, and the rest of her species. Insanis called them his Immortalems, but I renamed them Peregrinus. Everything can be mortal, can’t it? And Peregrinus means exotic, alien or unfamiliar in Latin. Why everything has to be in Latin I don’t know. So Insanis gets the blame again, although he’s deceased now.

We must have been on the ship for days. Travelling from Insanity Island to an uninhabited forest, to live in until we found somewhere permanent. Somewhere they could all live peacefully, with no fatal threats. Somewhere they belonged.

But that was the problem. I didn’t know where they belonged - hell, I didn’t know where I belonged, now that I had given in to my true self, my power, and was practically a Peregrinus myself. I don’t regret it, of course. But I do wonder.

I always wonder.

I thought of my grandfather, Ruey, while we were travelling underwater. I miss him - he was my father and mother when I had no one, even when I was adopted by Mazel and Theo. Well, they definitely wouldn’t want me now. I do wonder about Jax sometimes though - if his parents’ influence will eventually poison his personality, and he’ll scoff at the fairy tales and fantasies I used to make up for him in a few months time.

The only thing I have left of my family is the amber necklace, which I’ve never taken off. I never will. It’s a reminder that I can be close to them even though I’m so far away, and my parents are dead now. But they live on in my mind, even though I don’t really know what they looked like, how they were. My second power is my imagination, and I put it to good use when it comes to them. Khane and Miliah Obscura. They sound so distant and so familiar at the same time, it makes my head spin.

One man tried to destroy my life, and keep me from my potential. He failed, even though he caused damage at the same time. Just the way he looked at me, smugly and monotonously, not even a hint of guilt in his expression when he revealed my backstory to me. A big part of me is glad he’s dead, but then his mind, his creativity was incomprehensible, and very few people have that. But he twisted it into something dark and insane, which made everybody suffer.

But I suppose that the days we’ve had in the triple-deck sub-ship has healed mental wounds. Brennan, Valerie and their triplets are inseparable, and Brennan obviously adores Valerie. He’s protective of his family, and usually has his arm around her, whispering in her ear when their alone and making her smile softly.

Cheri and Ash Black are usually together two, giggling in corners and chatting non-stop. It’s the first time I’ve seen any of them smile properly, and it makes my perception of Peregrinus’ even deeper. They’re either so alike us, or we’re so alike to them.

Whitney, Luna Moon and Angelita talk often too; they’re both wise and calm and speak in soft, relaxed tones. I think that I’d pay to see one of them scream.

No, I wouldn’t.

Rubie and Olivia have been hanging out more frequently too, and Raelynn, Natalia, Juniper, Cressela and me are like a coetus ourselves. Raelynn is a lot like me - imaginative and a daydreamer - but she’s got a great sense of humour, and I’ve started to get used to her ravens pecking at us in interest when we talk. Natalia’s still gothic and emo, but she’s good fun, thinking of weird and wonderful fantasies and tales for the younger Peregrinus’. The children look so uncanny and ominous it’s amazing - big bright eyes that could stare right through you, their skin not as pale and hair not so dark as the older ones. I love children in general, and repeat mine and Jack’s fairy tales to them - reprises of Cinderella and Snow White, not the boring common stories, but my own versions, with a twist. They’ve never heard anything like them and listened attentively, just like Jax used to when I read them to him. Ruey and Jackson are the only two people I really miss.

Juniper is frequently with us too. He’s a boy that Insanis had kidnapped and turned into a boy who couldn’t age past his early twenties, just like natural Peregrinus’. He talks to me a lot, and he’s only a year older than me, so we get on well; he occasionally teases and jokes too, as typical teenage boys do.

Overall, things are good. I didn’t give up before, and that’s what got us all up and out of Insanis’ grip. Now we’re on our way to the Appregsimus Forest, a land like Insanis’, but larger and abandoned. The perfect place to stay and train our powers, get everything under control before we look for a permanent place to live. There was so much to do, in such an uncertain amount of time. I wanted to talk to my grandfather, to sit in his lap while he read me fairy tales like he did when I was a young child, to have Celeste’s fluffy white fur rubbing against my skin, to wake up in his house and remember that I wasn’t alone. I didn’t miss the city, but I missed him, and his house.

I thought about my parents, how they would react if they could see me now, standing at the doors of the ship that we escaped in, the bright light of the sky greeting us and the soft, refreshing breeze brushing against our faces and tangling itself in our hair. This was my new life, my new chapter; all of the things that I had done and the life that I had lead with Mazel and Theo seemed like another life now. Because I was Amber Obscura, and my mind and heart had been reborn.

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