Blind Senses

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“124 years old, this house has stood for almost 125 years. 119 years ago, was when it started seeing some real action. 1901, was when this couple moved in. Second family to live in the house, but the first family isn’t important. 1901 was the year it all began.

Edward and Ruth Slack moved from Albany to Provincetown in 1901. They bought a 5 year old house, barely broken in. They were a normal couple, for the 1900s. Except one tiny little detail, they worshipped Lucifer. Well, that’s what people would see. In fact, it was more complicated than that. They never actually talked to Lucifer himself, but got instructions and orders from one of his seven favorite disciples. One tip though, don’t ever call them Lucifer’s disciples or they will all become wrath and we don’t want that.
Anyway, they got their orders from Lust. Which brings me to the curse. 118 years ago a curse was put upon the house of 134 Willoughby Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts. This particular curse is hard to explain to a mortal, although I will try, because everything depends on it. But, that’s a story for later down the road.
This said curse was one never used before. As of some weeks ago there was no known exception or cure. For any mortal whom steps upon the house’s soil will become consumed with desire.
Okay, you still seem confused. In simple mortal terms. Once you mortals come near this house you’ll want to just, fuck someone’s brains out. Get it? Good. Questions?
Oh, mortals? Well, mortal, has many definitions. Although, ours is a living being that is not a direct descendant of a demon. Shit, what was that? Listen, I know you have many questions, but we have to go! Please just trust me! Run! She’s COMING!
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