The Phantom of Choice

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“Well, luck or not you do have a lot of potential.” I raised my head and looked on him, shocked. „And besides, you are of mixed race. You have a choice after all. So I am here to make you an offer. Tomorrow morning, a gallows awaits you, that is unavoidable after all those crimes you committed. However, you have a chance. I want to use your potential. Join the military. Become part of my army for next ten years and you will be free. You will live.” I was taking breath to answer him, but he stopped me. „There is no need to answer me now. Think about it, people are dying in army. But you have there more chance than under gallows tomorrow. Ten years, it is not a short time. But, I believe, you can get far. Think about my offer now. I will come for the answer in the morning. Your execution is scheduled in the dawn. I will came for answer before that.”

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A choice. Privilege given to us. Knife that shapes us. Hammer that forges us. The way we are saying what we want, what we feel and need.

A choice. Word, one single word that makes our worlds. And once made it never can be taken back.

Some choices take us to heaven on earth, to the best places in bad times. And some lead you to where I am now. To gun held by my own hand, pointed at my own head and to my own finger on the edge of pulling the trigger.

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