The Elementals

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Jack and his sister Ruby lived a normal life until they discovered they were elementals. After just getting their powers they found themselves in the middle of an elemental war between good and evil. Will they win the battle with the help of their new friends or will they be destroyed because of their lack of experience.

Scifi / Action
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A clap of thunder shook the earth and lightening illuminates the sky, water,fire, earth, ice destroying everything. Swords clanging. An arrow whizzed by barely missing Jack's head. He turns around and a sword descends from behind and he Immediately woke up.
Jack looked around for the battle but soon realized it was a nightmare the same nightmare he had been having for the past two weeks.
Jack wondered where he was, that was when a throbbing pain in his head hit him like a rock. It was as if his mind made sure he didn't remember anything that happened yesterday.
He got up and realized that he wasn't in his room but in a room with sky blue with green polkadots walls, there wasn't much in the room but a window and a door which he knew was the toilet and another door but with no handle or knob.
Thoughts rushed into his mind; where was Ruby, where was he and then he noticed through a small opening in the door the extra locks and that's when it came to him "I've been kidnapped." He yelled. The door opened and someone came in "Now Now, let's not jump to conclusions" A man came in holding a black box "A gun" I thought." He was going to shoot me."
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