The Mysterious Identity

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A stellar story about a lost girl, mysterious powers, and a quest to find her indentity.

Scifi / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"Yes, Dr. Mange, her DNA extraction is almost complete only eight more minutes to go."

"Thank you, Nurse Patroski. That will be all I need from you. You may take a break. My assistants will handle everything else."

The girl in the bed was just barely awake, without anyone knowing. She had no idea what she was doing there, or where she was. Her arms and legs were chained to the bed.

"Dr., I believe the patient is waking, or no, she's already awake!"

"Give her another dose of sleep serum, quickly!"

The girl sat up, she wasn't about to let some maniacs let her be chained and do who knows what with her. With a gentle pull of her arms she slid out of the chains that bound her. Then, she gently slid her feet out of the restraints as well. Getting her bearings, she noticed she was in a sort of display case, with many nurses not about to let her through, but she bouldered past them anyway. In her threadbare hospital gown she ran through the halls, nurses in hot pursuit. Finally the girl made it out of the building with astonishing speed, the poor nurses left behind empty handed. As the girl rounded a corner to a neighborhood, she saw a boy with piercing red eyes, not long before she collapsed. This is her first and last memory.

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