The Dead Knights

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Three teens proclaimed dead awake years later to discover they have powers. The must learn to master these new abilities in time for the on coming threat

Scifi / Action
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Chapter 1

Hi I’m Jake Sky and I’m dead . Wait I know what you are thinking “Huh? This makes no sense at all” but I am. Well I’m also alive. Does this make sense to you because it still doesn’t make sense to me. All I know is how and when I died.

A little over 2 years ago I was the most normal kid in middle school. I kept my head down and kept to myself pretty much. Then one day in the middle of school I just collapsed. No one knew why it is just like my body gave out.

I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors there didn’t know what it was or why I had collapsed. The strange thing was I couldn’t stand anymore. My body cut off my legs from my control.

Doctors from all over the place came to see if they find out what was causing me to not be able to stand or even move my legs. What no one knew until it was to later was that my body was slowly cutting off other body parts. First my fingers. Then my arms. Until after 9 months since my collapse I was completely paralyzed.

I was stuck in that helpless position for another 4 months. During that time the doctors diagnosed me with Jake Sky syndrome. A sickness named after me that’s one hell of a legacy. Then on July 3rd, 2020 I died on a hospital bed at age 14.

I was dead in a pine wood box six feet under. While I was dead life went on without me. The odd thing was I went on to I grew and aged while I was dead. Somehow I wasn’t completely dead.

How do I know this cause I’m dead. Yet I not you see 1½ years later I woke up. The strange thing was it wasn’t in a casket in the dirt six feet under. It was in the backseat of a car. Then the driver side opened and a 16 year old look got in. “Good you’re finally awake” he said with a smile.

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