The Dead Knights

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Chapter 2

When he said this a million things went through my head at the same time and I could see all of them. Immediately he started the engine. We drove in silence for 10 min when I finally asked “Who are you?” He then soon replied with “I’m a ghost.”

This was weird because I had no idea what he was talking about. “I want to see my family,” I said to him with force. He then said “Your family believes you to be dead.” “No that can’t be! I was just in a hospital bed and I couldn’t move.” I state. “That was 1½ years ago. You have been dead for 1½.” he stated in response.

This hit me like a bullet. I was dead yet I was still alive. This was hard to understand. This was impossible. I can’t be dead. I just can’t be.

We drove for another 7 min when the car came to a stop in front of an abandoned mill. The man in the front seat got out and went to the trunk. He pulled out a duffel bag. He then waved to me to tell me to get out of the car. When we got to the door he placed his finger on a brick. Then the door opened for us. I was expecting a lad with gadgets and gizmos. No, the place was completely empty.

He began to walk to what looked like an old elevator shaft. I couldn’t really see. When we finally got close to it I saw that it was. We got in and he pushed the button that said -13. This was odd to me because I had only seen positive numbers on elevators. Well I have been dead for one and a half years.

We started down to floor -13. We went down fast. Then seconds later the elevator stops. I fall and hit the floor. THUD! Slowly the doors open and I am looking at a grey room filled with equipment I have never even seen before. Then right in the middle of it all I see this red headed girl looking right at me.

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