The Dead Knights

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Chapter 3

After a brief moment she finally said “Come on out of the elevator. We have work to do.” I slowly stepped out of the elevator and looked around the place. Then she introduces herself and the man I have been with “I am Claire Backston and, I presume that you have met Nick Brown.” “Not officially no” I replied.

“You probably have many questions to ask, so ask away.” Claire said with a rush in her voice. “Well, why am I not still deceased? Also why am I here with you two?” I asked. “Is that all. I expected you to have more.” She replied with “Well you are not alive or dead. You didn’t completely die, that’s why you grew. Finally you’re here with us because we all have one thing in common.” “We are all dead and alive.” Nick said quickly.

“Well we all died of the same cause” Claire stated soon after. “Of Jake Sky syndrome.” I said. “Yes. We also died the same day July 3rd 2020.” Clare stated. I thought how does she know this. We have never met before, at least I don’t think so. “Jake, you’re thinking, how do I know this.” Claire said to me “Also think quieter ,please.” Wow can this girl read my mind. “Yes I can Jake.” she so easily. What no why is that possible? I kept telling myself over and over again.

“I know how because of the note that I woke up with three months ago.” she said “It told me what happened and what I could. It also told me about you two and how to wake you up from you half death. This is what it said.

Claire Backston

You were dead well not completely dead it has been one and a half years since your last memory. Don’t try to see your family. You will not be able to have them and do what you need to do to prepare for the soon to come threat. You have the ability to use up your whole brain. No one else can accomplish that. There are two others with abilities like your but they are also dead like you were. You need to wake them, you will know how. Their names are Nick Brown and Jake Sky.

From, The Doctor.”

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