The Dead Knights

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Chapter 4

I didn’t believe her until she finally showed me what she could do. “I can control technology and other things, astroproject, teleport and so much more,” Claire told me. I then asked “What about you Nick? What can you do?” “I can go invisible.” He replied. “No you can’t” I stated. Then Nick let out a sigh and vanished out of sight “Wow! That is cool I have got to say” I said “What else can you do.” “Nothing else so far.” He replied.

I thought for a moment. What kind of powers might I have? “How do I find out what powers I have?” I asked with energy. Claire quickly responded with “You need to train and practice to unlock your powers. If I am right (which I usually am) you should have powers greater than me and Nick combined.”

WTF I could have more powers than all of them combined. I was now eager to practice and train. “When do we start the training” I said full of passion and energy. “Right now!” Nick said.

I first went with Claire and she told me to empty my mind of everything. When I had done that she told me to focus on one small thing. I focused on levitating above the floor. I didn’t think I was really doing it until Claire opened her eyes and told me I was. When I finally saw it I was amazed by what I could do by just thinking of it.

I then went with Nick to a room with lots of gym equipment and dummies. The odd thing was we didn’t use any of it. Instead he told me how to train my body to go invisible. I realized I couldn’t do it. I went to lean on the wall ,but I fell right through. All of the sudden I was in the lab. Nick had no idea how I did that and I didn’t either.

I then asked Claire “Hey Claire what exactly are we preparing for?” She replied with “We don’t know.”

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