The Dead Knights

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Chapter 5

"What do you mean we don't know!" I said full of anger. I had built up all this energy for the big reveal and it is all wasted. "We weren't told about who we were facing' Claire stated a bit shaken up. "Ok" I replied slowly calming down.

I thought well at least I have time to learn what I can do. Ya! I do have plenty of time to do that. I will work hard to learn what ability's I have. We tried to get to them their way but, what if I were to try them my way.

"After that interruption back to training." Claire stated hastily. I quickly replied "Wait if I am going to train I will train my way." They both looked at each other with confusion. They were probably thinking. He can't do that we need to teach how to connect to his potential. Or something like that.

After a moment or two they finally looked at each other in that look of is that possible. Then they said "Ya I guess you could train yourself." So the first thing I did was get caught up on most of the missed TV and video games. I have got to tell you a lot has changed. Like they cured Covid and Trump is president. I guess he won.

Any way after 1 day of nothing I started to train my mind by doing puzzles. "What are yo" Nick began to say. "Hush! It is the final piece of the puzzle." "What is he doi" "Hush! It's the final piece. "Nick said to Claire before she could finish. "Ok I am done." I exclaimed "My head fell bigger." "That could be your powers turning on." Claire quickly replied with. "Or it is the fact I haven't used it in 2 years."

"How long did that take you?" Nick asked "10 minutes" I replied. Their faces were shocked I didn't Know why for a minute until the light bulb turned on. " Oh snap I must have super speed." I said. "Or your that good at puzzles." I then whispered "Buzz kill.

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