Nocte Bellator: Night Warrior

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Chapter 10

"Its no problem." Chance says to the woman. She looks like she's in shock from the encounter. He points a thumb behind him to the seedy bar, changing the subject. "Were you trying to get in the bar?" He asks. "Because I know the owner. I can get you in, no trouble."

"I don't need your help." She snaps, crossing her arms in front of her.

Remi is surprised by her reaction. "Sorry I didn't mean to offend you." She won't even look at him, but he continues on for some reason anyway. "Look, sorry." He apologizes again. "You don't seem like you're from around here, but I can tell where ever you are from, things are run a bit differently."

Her eyes light up. She slowly uncrosses her arms and finally looks at him. "Actually, if you wouldn't mind helping me, I do need to get inside." She says sweetly, changing her tone.

"Okay." He says a bit confused, but shows her around the back entrance anyway. "Its tough to get in through the front door at this hour." He tells her.

As he opens the door, he lets her pass through the door first. If his father taught him anything. It was to always be a gentleman. Ladies first and all that. He steps in behind her and is greeted by the familiar scent of the beer stained wooden bar top that always seems to permeate the whole room.

She seats herself at the bar rather than the high top tables and he decides to sit next to her.

"So, what are you doing in this part of town anyway?" He asks, curiosity getting the best of him. "Did you stray too far when you went for an afternoon run or something?" He continues, referencing her tight workout leggings, tank top and sneakers.

"No." She says immediately, her snippy tone back.

He ignores it. "Well." He says waving down the bar tender gesturing for two beers. "What brings you to this bar of all places. It doesn't look like you were getting ready for a night on the town with that get up."

"I- I was." She says stuttering. "I was looking for a job." She tells him after a moment.

"A job?" He asks, just as the bar tender brings over the beers he ordered. He slides one to her, then takes a long swig from his own. "Well if you're serious, I can most definitely get you a job here." He says, putting down the mug, the large tumbler clanking against the sticky bar top.

The woman swirls her mug but doesn't drink from it. "You don't even know me." She says pointing out the obvious.

Well maybe I'd like to know you. Remi thinks to himself.

Remi laughs casually. At her candor or his own thoughts he's not sure. Turning his chair so he is facing her full on he sticks his hand out at her. She nearly falls off her stool from backing away from him with such haste. "Hi, my name is Remi. What's your name?" He sits there for an awkward moment waiting to see if she will shake his hand. Finally, she slowly sticks her hand out to meet his firm grip. Her hand small and smooth in his.

"My name is... Ivy." She says but doesn't look him directly in the eye. She actually keeps looking around and behind him like shes looking for someone. Or hiding from someone.

"Okay, Ivy now that we know each other." He says. "Would you like a job?"

She ponders his question for a moment. Taking a last look around the dimly lit bar. Seeming to look at the face of every person sitting in the room. Remi still wasn't sure if she was looking or hiding from someone.

He takes a guess, reaching over and placing his hand over hers bringing her attention back to him. "No one is going to hurt you while you're sitting here with me." He assures her. "I can promise you that."

She pulls her hand away from his. "I'm serious about the job." She says avoiding his eyes.

"Consider it done." He says turning back to face the bar, shrugging off her small rejection. "Anything to see your beautiful face on this side of town again." He says with a wink.

With that he waves down the bartender again. "Hey, let your boss know I'm calling in that favor." He tells them. The bartender nods and walks away.

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